Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Frontierland 1978 Selection

It's time for another collection of vintage Frontierland scans from the Mysterious Benefactor! All of these are from 1978.

Here's an interesting view from "Walt's balcony" according to the file name; this was years before the Disney Gallery allowed mere mortals to get this same perspective. It's cool to see the Gullywhumper and the Bertha Mae on the river together. Like John Lennon and Paul McCartney playing guitar together after the Beatles broke up! Yes, just like that. The strange layered gradations in the upper left are a mystery to me.

I love that pontoon bridge (but do I love it more than the suspension bridge?). Folks are crossing in an orderly manner, except for that rambunctious kid in to the left - he is going straight to Disney jail! The Mark Twain is heading straight for us, ramming speed. What is that thing on the shore to our right? A billboard for Burma Shave?

Ah, beautiful Tom Sawyer Island, pre-Fantasmic. Audio-Animatronic flowers line the shore; there's more raft and Mark Twain action in the distance.

Smart guests remembered to bring a bag of dried corn with them; Disneyland CMs were always happy to grind it into meal for corn muffins, johnnycakes, or (my favorite) corn gruel.

How's this for a beautiful sight? It appears that riders are de-planing from the Mark Twain, but I would be in line for the next evening voyage around the Rivers of America - one of my all-time favorite experiences at Disneyland.

Thank you, Mysterious Benefactor!


Nanook said...

Those 'layered gradations' are merely the "Starry Night" effect by a certain 'famous' Dutch painter... I'm afraid, however, it's being upstaged by that [for real] nighttime shot of the Mark Twain - now boarding-!

Thanks to the M B, and you.

"Lou and Sue" said...

Ooooo, I do love the last picture of the Mark Twain! I never tire of any of the ROA pictures, but truly appreciate that night shot. Nanook, I'll meet you on it in 2 minutes - don't let them leave without me!

I also love that agate-blue-patterned sky in the first picture - which is offset with the pinky-red flowers in the opposite corner. That picture has a unique, almost surreal feel to it. (The keelboats appear trapped and don't know which way to turn.)

Apparently, as seen in the second picture, you could only cross the pontoon bridge if you were wearing Christmas colors.

Thank you, Major and MB!

TokyoMagic! said...

I believe the strange layered gradations in the upper left of that first pic is actually an extreme close-up of the fancy iron work on "Walt's Balcony."

That sign on the shore (in the second pic) actually reads, "Next Flickey's: 420 Miles"

As for that nighttime shot, I LOVE seeing all of those tall trees lined up as a backdrop behind the Mark Twain, instead of that stupid old Big Thunder Mountain!

"Lou and Sue" said...

TM! Those dark tall trees really do help to make the Twain stand out and light up more, don't they?! BTM would've ruined this picture. The tree pattern even adds "plumage" to the Mark Twain - as if it's a peacock proudly showing off it's stuff!


Chuck said...

The first photo makes me think of the keelboat race from Davy Crockett and the River Pirates. And that has condemned me to a day's worth of the earworm "Yaller Gold." Thanks, Major - thanks a lot.

BTM in the background on that last shot would have transferred the scene from the Mississippi or the Ohio to Utah, which, although visually interesting, doesn't make any historical sense.

Until the day years ago that JG pointed out that the RoA is essentially a lake with an island in the middle, I subconsciously thought of the RoA as having a current that ran clockwise around the island. I think it was an idea that worked its way in in childhood based on the direction all traffic flows on that body of water, which, of course, is not what happens on a real, navigable water course.

That just sparked the realization that, with the exception of Main Street and the former Skyway, all outdoor vehicular traffic in Disneyland is one-way and clockwise, which probably subconsciously adds to the visual harmony of the place.

Andrew said...

All of these are really nice shots, but like those above have said, I especially like the last one. It would look great on a calendar of vintage Disneyland images, which someone should make a reality.

In the picture with the Mark Twain heading for the barrel bridge, I can't help but wonder why the Imagineers thought it would be safe to have a ginormous riverboat come so close to park guests on TSI every day. I mean, one slip of the hand by the captain and everyone would be doomed by the boat plunging into the island's banks! ;)

"Lou and Sue" said...

Andrew, I LOVE your idea about the calendar! If you (or anyone - hint hint Major) made one, I'd order some to give for Christmas gifts (seriously!), along with Melissa's book of poetry . . . or, better yet, also include a short poem (by Melissa) at the bottom of each calendar picture. :)


K. Martinez said...

Hey Major, what if I bring a bag of Corn Nuts instead of dried corn for the Old Mill to grind? At least it would be easier on the teeth.

Crossing the pontoon bridge was a favorite of mine while exploring Tom Sawyer Island. Probably the most fun thing there was on that island.

Chuck, I was thinking the exact same thing about the keelboat race from "Davy Crockett and the River Pirates" when I saw the first image.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, a certain famous Dutch painter, eh? Obviously you mean Pieter de Hooch! Everyone’s favorite.

Lou and Sue, yes, night shots are a rarity, at least vintage night shots. I’ll take as many as I can find, I don’t think there will be any complaints. Funny, those “Newton rings” do look like agate, that’s the perfect description.

TokyoMagic!, I think you are right about the wrought iron, but it’s weird that the blurry part looks so layered. “Flickeys”, is that like “Stuckeys” (a gross truck stop with pecan pie)? I didn’t really think about it, but it IS nice that Big Thunder isn’t in the last photo!

Lou and Sue, I think you and Mr. X would get along just fine 0 he misses the old tall trees!

Chuck, I actually don’t think I have ever seen Cavy Crockett and the River Pirates. I’ve only seen the original Davy Crockett. Isn’t there a third installment, with Davy going to Mars with the Three Stooges? Sure, it sounds like a good idea, but they had Curly Joe DeRita by that point. No thank you. I could be mistaken, but I do think that the ROA “flows” to some degree, although it really is basically a lake. Mr. X told me that they’ve changed the way the Horse Drawn Streetcars proceed - I believe he said that they switch from clockwise to counter-clockwise at some point. I’m not sure I understand how this is achieved, but he hates it! Then again, he’s never been much for change.

Andrew, I have had people approach me about making calendars to sell, but they also want me to put up my own money, and that ain’t happenin’! As for the Mark Twain vs. the pontoon bridge, remember that the Twain ran on a track, so it couldn’t get too close, barring some sort of mechanical failure.

Lou and Sue, it IS kind of astonishing that they don’t sell Disneyland calendars. Or do they? I don’t ever recall seeing one, though a friend has an amazing Monsanto calendar that is all photos of “Adventure Thru Inner Space”. I would love to have one of those!!

K. Martinez, it’s funny that you mentioned corn nuts; during my recent trip up to Weaverville (California), my sister bought some corn nuts at a gas station; I expected them to be hard on the teeth, but they were actually very nice, sort of “puffier” and crispier, and not like little rocks. I love crossing both bridges, but I always seem to be near some kid who likes to jump up and down, causing splashes.



The Adventure Thru Inner Space 1968 calendar was given to MONSANTO shareholders and product distributors. There were many thousands produced , but they are rare because calendars tend to get used or tossed out after the year they were made for. The images in the calendar are BEAUTIFUL!

Dean Finder said...

Wasn't Cavy Crockett the lead in the all-guinea pig remake?

Sunday Night said...

I seem to remember that Knott's had an actual mill that ground corn flour that you could purchase.

Anonymous said...

Chuck, I am sorry I inadvertently ruined your image of the Rivers of America.

I think there is some slight current in the ROA since the "dark water" system intake is near the old location of Cascade Falls, and the outflow from the Jungle Rivers is approximately at the location of the old bridge, approximately at the POC overpass. I'm not sure if the water flows around the Island clockwise or if it goes against the grain on the shorter route. Water will do what it will do.

Also a revelation about the rest of the traffic, even true of the long-lost skyway. I think the horse-drawn vehicles change direction at a cross-over in the street mid-route. I don't know if the mechanism is automatic or if it is part of the streetcar. You can see the cross-over in many photos, or Google Earth view.

I agree with Tokyo, the iron filigree of a NOS balcony is photobombing the keelboat duo. That photo had me stumped for a moment, but I think Fowlers Harbor is to the port side of the nearer boat, and the mill is out of the shot to the right. Fine to see so much foliage here.

Mom hated the pontoon bridge, but I loved it.

Thank you, Major.


Anonymous said...

The Bothe' Mill in Napa Valley is a real, historic mill and flour milled there is sold as a souvenir. I'm not sure where the grain is sourced, but it is a fun place to visit.


TokyoMagic! said...

Sunday Night, Knott's did have a mill, which ground fresh corn meal, which guests were able to purchase. It was located right next door to Boot Hill, on "School Road." The building is still there and so is the mill stone and the rest of the mechanism, but it hasn't been used in decades. The building has been home to the "glass blower shop" for years now.

Chuck said...

JG, I remember visiting that mill as a kid!

Anonymous said...

That first pic showing BOTH keel boats is exceptionally rare! KS