Monday, November 11, 2019

Rejects... UNREJECTED!

Howsabout some previously-rejected slide scans? It's what all the kids are into. That and Lady Gaga. (How sad is it that Johnny Carson never got to do an Amazing Carnac joke about Lady Gaga?).

Let's begin with this photo of the entrance as seen from the parking lot, from a slide dated "7-12-58". What do those numbers mean? NOBODY KNOWS. The photo was snapped from inside a vehicle - whoever had the camera was excited to see Main Street Station. We get a bonus tram (or two), and the train station is bedecked in 4th of July bunting, and the C.K. Holliday is stopped at the station.

Also from 7-12-1958 is this photo from the deck of the Columbia. The photographer must have been standing on the shoulders of his wife to get this giraffe's-eye view. Keel haul the binnacle! Strike the grog!

Congratulations, rejected scans, you are now accepted.


TokyoMagic! said...

In that first pic, it looks like there is just a two-car section of a tram parked in the middle of the road, with no trailer vehicle to pull it. It appears that there is a lady aboard that section of tram. She just might be wondering why it's taking so long for the tram to depart.

Nanook said...


The Columbia wasn't even one month old when this image was snapped-! It's still fresh-faced and ready for showing-off. Pretty swell.

Thanks, Major.

Andrew said...

With the cars and trams dominant in the first slide, I'd say that it's more than earned its keep. On a slightly related note, I saw that fancy new LEGO version of Main Street Station on display at the mall recently, with the train running around and everything. It's very cool (and expensive), but I can't imagine many people on the east coast recognizing the building. I certainly do, though!

Chuck said...

Major, I'm going to have to disagree with your wife-lift theory on the second photo. It's obvious he was using a drone.

TM!, I think there's a tractor in front of that two-car section, but it's parked at an angle where we can't see it behind the tram cars. Note that just behind that seated woman there's a person in a white cap and either a pink or a red-and-white striped shirt facing away from the tram. If you pan to the left past another, identically-dressed person, you'll find a third hombre in the exact same get-up driving a tractor. I wonder if that was the hotel tram?

Nanook, I'm imagining that new-ship smell. I wonder what the odometer read at this point and if they'd had to tighten the lug nuts yet?

Alonzo P Hawk said...

You are correct sir! I can see the envelope against Carnac's head and the words "Steak Tartar" uttered (then repeated by Ed). The ripping of the envelope, the blowing in to open and then Carnac says....What is Lady Gaga's preferred evening wear.

Dandy shot of the old seating configuration trams today with lots of old car eye candy.
Thanks and have a great Veterans day to anyone lucky enough to have it off.

Anonymous said...

Looking at those cars makes me feel old for some reason.

Chuck, when they do the tread check on the Columbia, how much rubber should be showing above Washington's head?


Anonymous said...

When I was but a wee child I received a model of the Cutty Sark. I never finished it. Later, as a young man, I got another Cutty Sark and a USS Constitution. Still didn't finish them. I currently have a model of the Revell Pirate Ship that was originally marketed as Caption Hook's Disneyland Pirate Ship. Things ain't lookin' good. I think all the rigging just gets the best of me. I don't like teeny little knots. All of that is to say, "Hey, they did a great job with those sails!"

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, hm, I guess I thought that the smaller tram might be a Hotel tram and not a parking lot tram, but I really have no idea!

Nanook, what, no guesses on that white and red car to the right?

Andrew, oh, I’ll have to look up that LEGO Main Street Station. Man, they are eventually going to make a LEGO version of every significant building, aircraft, sci-fi prop, and so on!

Chuck, it must have been one of those early drones that ran on hair oil. I think I agree with you about the tram, though I didn’t really pay attention to the tram CMs in their costumes, which is a fun detail. When sailing ships lost their new ship smell, did they hang little cardboard pine trees on them?

Alonzo, for some reason I always think of Johnny Carson’s voice when I hear “Lady Gaga”. He could have joked about her for years! I like your joke about her evening wear, ha ha. And darn, I wrote this post quite a while ago, I should definitely wish everyone a happy Veteran’s Day.

JG, JOIN THE CLUB! I wouldn’t want to be the guy who has to check the Columbia’s tread. Unless he made $250K a year, then I would want to be that guy.

Stu29573, you sound like me when I tried to build models of WWII airplanes! I was OK if the model was fairly simple, but my grandparents once gave me a very elaborate bomber, and once I put all of the interior stuff together, the two halves wouldn’t fit, not even close. I can’t even imagine doing the rigging of an old fashioned sailing ship! But don’t give up - keep at it, and when you finish you can send us a photo. I’ll share it here!

K. Martinez said...

The on-deck view of the Columbia is nice. Glad you unrejected these. Thanks, Major.

Nanook said...

OH, Major-
The red/white car is so obviously a 1956 Chevrolet 210. I was too tired last night to ID the row on the far left. We start with [either] a 1952, 53, or 54 Ford; then a 1956 (possibly a 1955) Ford station wagon; a 1949 of 50 Nash (nice), and a 1958 Ford. I'm afraid the dark green 'oldie' on the end is above my pay grade.

As the "ghost" tram only has two 'sections', I'm gonna vote for it being the Hotel Tram - although those usually had a sign festooned to some, or all of, the top portions of each section saying-so.

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, I’ve got more un-rejected slides coming up real soon!

Nanook, of course I knew that it was a 1956 Chevrolet 210, I just wanted to make sure that you knew. I’m pretty impressed that you can ID those cars to the left, since you can only see the rear-ends of them. You’re right, the Hotel trams usually had a sign on top (so that people didn’t hop on it by mistake), so who knows.