Sunday, November 03, 2019

Photos of "not much", June 1970

It's time to use up some scans; are they from Disneyland, or Dullsville? 

Crossing the bridge of the castle moat, our photographer glanced to his right and snapped this photo of nothing in particular. Admittedly it's a pretty good look at moat water, which has an additional hydrogen atom or something. Much of the area to the east of the castle looks very pretty, with trees, curving lawns, and beds of bright flowers.

I wonder what time this photo was taken? The long shadows tell us that it's morning, but where is everybody? The Matterhorn looks especially etherial through the haze (smog), and somehow seems craggier than ever.


"Lou and Sue" said...

These pictures make The Park look extra big and spacious . . . and not crowded. I remember it being this way, as most of my Disneyland memories are from this time period. Wonderful memories!

Thanks, Major!


Nanook said...

Yes, our photographer really went out of his (her) way in that first photo to 'disguise' Disneyland in plain sight. (It could almost be another theme park). What should we call it-?

Thanks, Major.

Andrew said...

The first picture reminds me of Epcot, with all of the wide-open green space. For the second picture, the Matterhorn through a haze of smog (which makes it look far away - I for one consider it a cool effect) seems to be a reoccurring thing here on GDB.

"Lou and Sue" said...

Nanook, we can definitely call this place Walt Disney's Disneyland, as this is how he envisioned it (so unlike today).


K. Martinez said...

I love viewing the majestic Matterhorn from the Central Plaza. It's so surreal. Thanks, Major.

stu29573 said...

The Matterhorn certainly does look extra spikey. Forget Legos, don't step on that mountain! Ouch!

Major Pepperidge said...

Lou and Sue, I agree that the park looks big, at least to my eyes (having never seen WDW), it’s funny to think how many people have walked around it thinking it was so small.

Nanook, I wonder if the fact that photo #1 looked like some random “pretty location” and not DISNEYLAND was part of the reason the fellow too that picture?

Andrew, my understanding is that EPCOT is gigantic - it’s hard to tell just through photos, and even videos don’t really give a sense of how big it really is. I just hear about how arduous it is to walk the whole park!

Lou and Sue, I think you’re right, and of course these photos are from only a few years after Walt passed.

K. Martinez, it does look very dreamy!

stu29573, ha ha, I didn’t really think about it, but the Matterhorn does look pretty craggy and sharp!

Chuck said...

The first photo is so unusual that it took me a good 15 seconds to orient myself. If it hadn't been for the Major's commentary, I'd still be lost.

I think part of what makes that second one so interesting is that you can't see the nostrils, although if you look closely on the Tomorrowland side, you can just make out the thin strands of nasal floss. No bucket boogers - I wonder if it was too windy to run them that day?

Anonymous said...

These are unusual shots to be sure. Number 1 for vantage, and number 2 for the lack of crowds, although this compelling angle is often duplicated.

I can never hope to see the Park so quiet ever again.

Thanks Major.