Saturday, May 11, 2019

Vintage People

Back when I used to go through boxes of vintage slides, I generally preferred images of places rather than people. But there are always exceptions - like today's examples. 

First up is this nice color photo from the 1940's - it was in a glass mount - featuring a pretty lady in some windy location. At first I thought she might be on Liberty Island, with the statue's massive pedestal behind her. But... that isn't right. I guess she could be anywhere. Europe, perhaps? Check out those shoulder pads, she might take to the air just like Sister Bertrille.

Next is this fun photo from 1955, with some mighty fishermen in a log cabin. I'm going to guess they're in Minnesota, and they're hoping for some walleye, or maybe even a giant muskie. They look as if it's been a while since they've shaved or bathed, but what do you expect when there are no women around?  Man, this scene takes me back to plenty of family fishing trips with various uncles and cousins! Our heroes are enjoying White Cap beer and gourmet victuals (one whole chicken in a can!).

For those of you curious about the Bugs Bunny comic book, it's Dell Gold Key #42 from 1955.

And finally, here's an undated shot of five army buddies. Location unknown, date unknown... but I believe that this is from around WWII - possibly shortly afterward. Chuck, can you glean anything from the uniforms? The barracks in the distance remind me of the sets from M*A*S*H. I wonder if these guys stayed in touch over the years?

I hope you have enjoyed today's vintage photos of people!


Nanook said...


People. People. You just can't get enough of 'em. The gal with the [apparent] padded shoulders is merely showing-off her rather 'buff' frame. (Don't mess with her-!)

Those must be the world's smallest 'whole chickens' to fit in that can-! Do you suppose each "whole" chicken comes with little paper 'booties' or 'frills' placed atop each leg, as pictured on the label-? You just know all those 'anglers' would accept nothing less for their table - especially when someone has taken the time to add those very practical vinyl curtains-! It's all the latest rage.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

All three of these photos are great! That lady in the first pic with her shoulder pads, looks like she's ready to go toe to toe with Joan Crawford.....or Joan Collins, if she just waits another forty years for shoulder pads to make a comeback.

The plastic curtains are interesting in that second shot. And is that a long piece of toilet paper hanging in the background?

Melissa said...

So clear you can see the wrinkles in her stockings!

Chuck said...

Going to have to be brief this morning - family coming from out of town tomorrow and Mrs Chuck has a huge list of "honey-dos" waiting for me.

Not a lot to go on here as far as location is concerned. The khaki Class "C" uniforms were worn primarily in North Africa, Italy, and the Pacific. Although the deciduous trees in the background could have been grown in any of those climates, I'm going to guess Italy because I have a hankering for spaghetti this morning.

It's hard to tell for sure based on the resolution and the sun angle, but I think their branch insignia on their caps features a castle, indicating they are members of the Corps of Engineers.

The guy on either end of the back row is a technician fourth grade (note the "T" under their stripes), which meant they had a specialized technical skill that could have been anything from tank driver to mechanic to cook. Engineer units were lousy with technicians, additional evidence that there's a good chance they were in the Corps of Engineers.

The guy in the back row on the right is the only one wearing a wedding ring.

Behind them and to our left is what appears to be an M1934 pyramidal tent over a wooden screen frame. These were used for a variety of purposes but this one was probably living quarters (if I were to venture a guess, their living quarters). You can make out several khaki shirts hanging inside to the right of the doorframe.

Behind them and to our right is a bunch of wood and an unused wood frame. That and the structure behind the wood, which appears to be a generator shed, further reinforcing the idea that these guys were engineers.

Note the bottom of a US flag at the very top of the dead center of the photo.

So much for being brief... :-)

Andrew said...

Chuck - some excellent detective work!

Old slides like this really take you back in time.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, she reminds me of Carol Burnett when she played Scarlet O’Hara and used curtain rods in the shoulders of her dress. I wondered if the canned chicken had the bones removed? Otherwise, yes, those are some tiny chickens!

TokyoMagic!, definitely a Joan Crawford look, even without the eyebrows. Plastic curtains are the height of elegance, and you clearly picked up on it. I thought that the “toilet paper” on the wall might be a roll of fly paper, but it doesn’t really look like any fly paper I’ve seen, so who knows.

Melissa, the mark of every great photo! ;-)

Chuck, what’s more important, your family, or GDB?? Thank you for all of the great info, I didn’t even notice the “T” on those shoulder patches. I noticed that one of the gentlemen didn’t have that insignia on his cap. It’s interesting that this group seems to span a range of ranks, from no stripes to three. That insignia features a castle? Sleeping Beauty Castle?? Kind of a funny thing for engineers. I love that a cook and a mechanic were both technicians. I noticed the somewhat sloppy mortar work on those bricks, maybe they just didn’t care if this encampment was somewhat temporary. I’m not sure what the protocol is for displaying the American flag when overseas… would the host country’s flag have the most prominent position? Since we can only see the US flag, I thought the photo could be stateside, though of course it is impossible to say for sure 70 years later. Thanks again for your help!

Penna. Andrew, Chuck knows his military stuff!

Gnometrek said...

The fishing lodge slide is a real mystery. The only White Cap Beer I could find is made in Africa?

JC Shannon said...

People, you know I love 'em. The first photo could pass for a Vogue cover. Very well done. Who was the person that thought of cramming a chicken into a can? Weird. Having spent almost a third of my life in the Air Force, I have a soft spot for military men and women spending time in boonie bog holes around the world. I have spent time in places I am absolutely positive only God and the Pentagon knew about. I concur with the Chuckster, The Corps of Engineers would set up temporary living quarters and build an airstrip seemingly overnight, 400 miles from nowhere. Thanks Major.

Melissa said...

Monarch Foods appears to still be around, although it looks like they've gotten out of the whole canned chicken game. I found sun vintage newspaper ads for Swanson whole canned chickens, and it looks like they were boned before canning. That's also how my grandmother used to make home-canned chicken.

Nanook said...

@ Gnometrek-
White Cap Beer was brewed and bottled by Two Rivers Beverage Co., in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. My “research” indicates they were in business from 1933 thru 1966. “White Cap Beer pale and dry - refreshing as the lake breeze”. Undoubtedly.

@ JC Shannon-
I have spent time in places I am absolutely positive only God and the Pentagon knew about. What a brilliant observation; and what a ‘hoot’ to use that as a slogan for attracting potential buyers to a new, planned community-! (I guess we don’t have too many of those, anymore).

@ Melissa-
... boned before canning. Truly, words to live by for us all. I know it helps me get through each day.

Warren Nielsen said...

About 4 years ago, my son bought me a whole canned chicken for me to take to work to hang on one of the machines I used to operate. It was part of long running joke on one of my bosses. Got it at the local Albertsons. It couldn't have been a real big bird to fit in that can, even if it had been boned. I should call one of my former co-workers to see if it is still hanging there. The old guy is gone, clean his . . . stuff out.

Fun pics today.