Monday, May 27, 2019

Kids In the Park, July 1960

Happy Memorial Day! I'm missing my Dad, who served in the Navy for 20 years, including time in Vietnam.

Who let all these kids into Disneyland? Don't they know that I have a terrible headache? We've all heard the story of Walt sitting on a bench eating peanuts, and wishing that he had a place to go where no kids would be. At least I think that's how it goes?

Three children pose in front of the Clock of the World - quite the backdrop. I know that Melissa will appreciate the boy's matching outfits, even though they are not twins (or identical twins, anyway). The girl must get her hair cut at home by her mom. Hey, boys, where's the flood?

One of the boys got lost in Tomorrowland, but I'm sure they'll find him eventually. Somehow our photographer managed to get the kids in focus while everything else is blurry - a neat trick. Note the Surrey passing in the distance, as well as the peaked roof of the little souvenir/information stand.

Don't point, little girl, it's rude.


Nanook said...


What could be better than matching 'flood controls'-? Another day of split-focus images (or some such). And I'm just guessing that particular technique is nowhere to be found in any Kodak How-To brochure...

Thanks, Major. And Happy Memorial Day - or Decoration Day - to all.

Melissa said...

Ha! They defied Mom and wore non-matching socks, the little rebels. And Mr. Darksocks can't stand still long enough to get a nice picture for Grandma. Not that I blame him - too many fun things to do to stand around being photographed all day. The Rocket to the Moon might take off without him!

Yeah, somebody needs to give that little girl a lesson in pointing the Disney way.

JC Shannon said...

Kids who can't stand still in Disneyland, what were they thinking? I love the obligatory PF Fliers the antsy boys are wearing. Those flood pants are however, are called surfers. I had a white pair and a blue pair as a kid and they were quite popular in the day. Little sis looks frustrated with the boys in the first photo, you can almost hear her thinking "just stand still for one second, will ya?". Happy Memorial Day all, thanks to all and Major P.

Andrew said...

Only the coolestof the cool kids sit on the Horse-Drawn Streetcar like that. You can be certain that I am one of them.

Also, that is entirely the origin story for the unknown theme park in a parallel space-time-continuum, Dizzyland!

Happy Memorial Day!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, when everyone else has wet pants cuffs, those boys will have the last laugh! The narrow focus was pioneered by Diane Arbus.

Melissa, I am surprised that they got through the front gate with those subversive socks. Talk about a statement! You just know they grew up to be long-haired hippies. I’ve learned to point with my switchblade instead of fingers, it’s the way to go.

Jonathan, I remember PF Fliers, and especially things like the decoder rings and stuff like that. I acquired one or two of them a few years ago, and it felt like the end of a long quest. So “surfer” pants were popular pre-Beach Boys?

Penna. Andrew, it sort of looks like the kid is going to burst into song. When it’s time to sing, you just can’t fight it! MAD magazine did a parody of “Dizzyland”. Thanks to a past CM, I have learned to call it “Dismal Land”.

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, about to "burst into song," huh? Maybe he's getting ready to sing, "Clang, clang, clang, went the trolley........"

The riders in the Surrey look packed in there, like sardines!

Anonymous said...

Happy kids, in the Happiest Place on Earth. At least it was so for me.

I really can't recall being unhappy in Disneyland until I was an adult, and that was a rare instance during a parade, which I loathe.