Saturday, May 18, 2019

Random Scans

Like the title of today's post says, I have a random assortment of scans for you.

We'll start with the best, this beautiful undated photo of a filling station and cafe, located at "Moqui Camp", which was near the Grand Canyon in Arizona (on the West side of Highway 64, near the South Rim entrance). I sure love this picture!

The building was originally constructed by Rudolph Kirby; as you can see on this old postcard, it was called "Kirby's Camp", and was a Union 76 gas station. Presumably that's the entrance to the Grand Canyon to the right.

I'm not sure when the name was changed to "Moqui Camp", but here's another old postcard view. At some point in the 1970's this building was torn down and an A-frame building replaced it (as a "Fred Harvey" lodge); it included a restaurant, a beauty salon, a curio shop, and a pool and tennis court. Even the A-frame is gone now (it closed in 2001), and the area has been cleaned and replanted so that almost no signs of its history remain.

Next is this April 1962 shot from Hollywood, California. This is from Selma Avenue, probably near the corner of Las Palmas looking Northwest. The distinctive brick building in the distance with the triple fa├žade is now part of the Church of Scientology (on Hollywood Boulevard). The pointed tower just to the left of that is a former First National Bank, and now it is home to random businesses.

Here's a Google screen grab that is already out of date because of so much recent construction in this area.

And finally, let's all go hang out with James Stewart and Kim Novak in San Francisco. I've never personally seen the Golden Gate Bridge when it wasn't at least partially shrouded in fog; it sure looks pretty here.

I hope you have enjoyed today's random scans!


Nanook said...


Today's 'anything goes Saturday' images are bookended by a couple of beauties-! That first one of the filling station - one of my favorite names for a gas station - is probably from 1956, based on the "New Grade Mobilgas R". 'Ol 'Tex' appears to be checking the oil on his 1954, Mayfair Blue Pontiac; and in Hollywood, the Belfast Green & white Pontiac is a 1952 model year. The Persimmon car driving away from us is a 1956 Mercury. Perhaps we could motor on up to San Francisco so we can drive it across the Golden Gate Bridge. What a shot.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Nanook, I agree....the man is definitely checking his dipstick. There is even a can of oil sitting on the raised concrete "island" with the gas pumps!

I believe that is the El Capitan Theater on the far left, in that vintage Hollywood shot. Although, I guess by 1962, it would have been The Paramount Theater.

That last shot is postcard worthy!

Andrew said...

Wait... things like that first shot actually happened in real life!? I thought that scenes like that only existed on 500-piece puzzles!

Melissa said...

Such clear, sunny landscapes today - makes me want to go outside! Love the Coke machine at the filling station

Chuck said...

It's a shame the last photo's photographer didn't manage to catch the bridge with a monorail crossing it.

Matthew said...

@Chuck - Now that is funny! :p

Actually, I was thinking how blessed I am when viewing that last photo. My friends and I going sailing in San Francisco bay twice a year (April & September), but this year we had to postpone our April trip until June. We rent a 37 foot boat and sleep on it for four nights. We take off early each morning to go have breakfast in different cities... sail on morning... put in for lunch somewhere else... sail all afternoon... shower up and then off for some night life. Lots and lots of memories are being created on those trips.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

PS Agree with you all on that first photo too. I love the pine trees and can almost smell that fresh air!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, how do you feel about “service station”?? “Mobilgas R”, it was probably way better than Mobilgas L. 1956 sounds about right, thanks for the IDs on the automobiles! More cars need to be “persimmon” colored.

TokyoMagic!, yes, I figured it was pretty clear that he was checking to see if he needed a quart of oil! And I agree, that is the El Capitan/Paramount Theater.

Penna. Andrew, that first photo really looks like something out of LIFE magazine!

Melissa, you should go outside! Unless there are bears, then don’t go outside. I’m trying to figure out where your bottle of Coke came out on that vending machine. Maybe you lifted that little door and pulled a bottle out?

Chuck, the Monorail wasn’t built across the Golden Gate Bridge until 1959!

Matthew, I’ve never been sailing, but I’m sure it would be a wonderful experience. My brother has a friend with a fancy boat, they fly to the east coast and spend days fishing and drinking beer, then mooring in the nearest marina where they can go ashore for dinner, and so on.

Chuck said...

Wow! Your brother's friend must have a fancy boat if it can fly to the East Coast!

JC Shannon said...

Ah, San Fran, my home town. We lived there for 6 years before moving to North Hollywood. When crossing the bridge we used to see how far we could get holding our breath. Good times. Little roadside tourist places are my favorite. These shots are great. I can just see mom and dad and 2.5 kids gassing up and buying souvenirs to take back to Indiana. A few years ago, my spousal unit and I visited Rt. 66 in Arizona. Talk about the golden age of transport. This stuff today is pure gold! Thanks Major.

Nanook said...

It's 'filling station', or nothing else for me. I'm reminded of that expression, as Gloria Swanson's portrayal of Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard uses that term:

That's a dreadful shirt you're wearing.

What's wrong with It?

Nothing, if you work in a filling station....

Fill 'er up with Hi-Test, Major-? (Or is that Ethyl-??)

Anonymous said...

The filling station photo is pure gold. The Coke machine, and the wooden bottle crates beside it. The battery charger on wheels, the guy's rolled up pant legs. I love it.

The Hollywood picture is fun, reminds me of Adam 12, but there is so much crazy construction there, I'm surprised that anything remains of that era.

The Golden Gate is a personal favorite. I have to cross it way too often, but it's a thrill every time. On the approach from the north, I am always reminded of the first Star Trek movie when Captain Kirk arrives by shuttlecraft, flying past the bridge. The area under the bridge is much like it was in the film. Kind of fun to stand where the actors stood in the film.

Thanks Major for a fun trio today.