Sunday, April 29, 2018


Whoa, Nelly! Today's photos really are stinkers. But you know... it's Sunday. Everybody's off doing their thing - which is for the best.

This was meant to be a picture of guests riding their Pack Mules on the trail above Rainbow Ridge, but it turned out to be an odd angle of the Opera House, with no mules in sight. I demand more muleage! 

We've seen plenty of photos of the Small World topiaries before, and I suppose this isn't the worst thing I've ever seen, but it is still mighty crummy. Sorry, playful elephant made of plants, but you're not doing it for me.


Nanook said...


I like the [almost] dismembered heads & upper torsos floating along the rooftops. (Perhaps if they were conjoined with the topiary bodies...)

Happy Sunday, Major.

JC Shannon said...

Any pic of Rainbow Ridge is appreciated by this Ridge lover. OK more muleage would have been great, but I would have given my best pig to live in the little house on the hill when I was 8. As for the topiary, it always puts me in mind of The Shining. They can only move when you are not looking at them. I appreciate the many hours of work that must have gone into creating them. So you see these snaps are really bursting with quality. Thank you Major for making my Sunday.

Melissa said...

Hey, nobody likes mules more than I do (except the Major, of course) but without that first picture I never would have noticed the fire bucket on the roof of the Opera House. I love those little touches.

And here I thought that second picture was a little-known attraction based on Lady and the Ramp.

Patrick Devlin said...

Wait! I see Mule-head and Mule-rump! That's the start of a full mule collection!

And I like the second picture's capture of the bear's Ursine Death Grip on display. Those Imagineers pulled no punches...

Graffer said...

I remember when Disney (possibly the train narration) used to say that the area in front of Small World was the only place in the world where plants grew naturally into animal topiaries. A simple little throw-away line that cost nothing but added to the magic. Does this claim continue today?

dean finder said...

looks like the Rainbow Ridge Roofing Company is at work in that first pic.

Nanook said...

@ Patrick-
Remember, as to that "Ursine Death Grip": It's those "hard facts..."

Anonymous said...

For a minute there, I thought those were men working on top of the building, but they're just people riding the pack mules. They looked too well dressed to be workers. Then again, they also look too well dressed to be Disneyland guests, but, hey, those were the dapper 50s and 60s.

Also, wanted to give you all a heads up that my blog's web address has been changed to match my new name, The Magic Ears Dudebro:

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, it is true, everyone loves dismembered heads and torsos, but I could still wish for a slightly more dynamic photo!

Jonathan, oh boy, you need to go back and look at a whole lot of much better pictures of Rainbow Ridge! But I appreciate the positive attitude. Like you, I used to look at many places in Disneyland and think, “I could stay there, I promise I wouldn’t be any bother!”.

Melissa, I’m glad you didn’t try to pretend that you love mules more than I do, because that would be the end of the blog. There are some things a man just can’t handle!

Patrick Devlin, is that other things a bear? I honestly can’t tell! It does look like it’s doing the “flying crane” pose that I’ve seen in so many kung fu movies.

Graffer, even when you know how they make those topiaries, they are still very impressive. I don’t ever remember hearing that line from the train, but I love it!

dean finder, fortunately those roofs are so little that the cost is very reasonable.

Nanook, “Ursine Death Grip” would be an excellent band name.

The Magic Ears Dudebro, ha ha, it is true, in general folks from those days look a lot better than the tank top/shorts/flip flops look of today. There are changes aplenty with the Magic Ears Dudebro, I will have to check in at the new address.

Anonymous said...

I saw Ursine Death Grip open for the Kids of the Kingdom in 1979.

It seems that the so-so pics are producing above average comments today.

Thanks everyone, and especially the Major, for hosting this party.