Sunday, April 08, 2018

Randos From March, 1978

Here are two less-than-inspiring photos for a sleepy Sunday. 

First up, we have this shot of a distinctly non-pink Sleeping Beauty Castle; the morning sun is shining brightly, but there are clouds in the sky. Maybe they will burn off as the day goes on. The most "70's" person in the photo might be the guy in the brown leather coat. There's still ivy on the castle, I wonder when it was removed for good?

Hint to photographers: unless the sky is full of spectacular clouds, don't make it take up 2/3 of your photo! We've got the old mill on the south end of Tom Sawyer Island - it is in danger of being overwhelmed by greenery. In the distance, the Mark Twain rests in Fowler's Harbor, having some work done - notice that the tall black stacks are surrounded by scaffolding. 


Nanook said...


Don't be too hard on our photographer, as he just spotted a sighting of The Flying Nun-! Go Sally - uh, I mean Sister Bertrille!!

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Nanook, perhaps the photographer had just spotted The Cat From Outer Space. It was 1978, after all. ;-)

K. Martinez said...

The Castle shot is wonderful. I love the coloring. Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic!, being that it was March 1978, perhaps the photographer was also looking out for the UFO to Return from Witch Mountain. ;-)

Jonathan said...

Love the pics, it does't look too busy at the castle. I bet the lines were short that day too. I love the Old Mill too, it lives on in my memories. Thanks Major.

Patrick Devlin said...

And a good Sunday morning to all: a very nice couple of shots to wake up to.

One day I went over and leafed (hah!) through Daveland's shots of the castle facade and it looks like the ivy got the ax sometime around 1990. There are pictures of large ivy coverage through at least 1987 but come 1993 those walls are pretty darn bare.

Jonathan said...

It turns out that climbig Ivy can damage brick and stone structres by growing in to small imperfections and cracks that exist in almost all walls of this type. This wasn't widely known when the Ivy first started to grow on the castle. Perhaps this was the reason why it was removed. Too bad 'cause I really thought it was pretty cool.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I miss the days when a show like The Flying Nun would actually get the green light from a network!

TokyoMagic!, sadly, I have never seen “The Cat From Outer Space”, though my understanding is that it gives “The Godfather” a run for its money.

K. Martinez, isn’t it interesting how different eras really do look different, color-wise? “Return to Witch Mountain”, another one I’ve never seen!

Jonathan, yes, if these were really taken in March, it could have easily been a school day - back when that made a difference. I miss those relaxed days!

Patrick Devlin, thank you for doing the research that I was to lazy to do!

Jonathan, even with my lack of ivy expertise, it makes sense that it would be harmful to the faux stones of the castle. I’m surprised it lasted until 1990-ish.


While ivy growing on a structure (or too close to a structure ) can be potentially dangerous for the architecture, I’m sure Disneyland’s reason for not allowing the castle ivy to grow was to keep maintainence and gardening costs down.
... as ivy still grows on some lower “rock” faces of Matterhorn Mountain. Cost cutting is also why swans no longer swim in the moat of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

I bet if PIXAR ever does a movie with swans in it - swans might return to the castle moat!!

Disneyland is quick to save money and shutter Tomorrowland , but is quick to pay for projects that let PIXAR themes “barf” all over the Park!!

Man - do I sound bitter??

Chuck said...

I saw both of those films in the theater. I also still own my Scholastic Book Club novelizations of them (as well as Hot Lead and Cold Feet, The Love Bug, Herbie Rides Again, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, and Herbie Goes Bananas. Ahhh, the days when Disney did cross-promotions right...

Sunday Night said...

Oh man, the Scholastic Book Club reference really brings back memories. I was not much of a reader in my youth so my book club selections were always along the lines of "50 Magic Tricks" or "Fun Things to Build". No juvenile fiction for me!

Anonymous said...

Even these quiet pictures bring back quiet memories.

Thanks Major, these are just fine.