Monday, April 09, 2018

Nice Frontierland, 1967

Here are four more lovely images of Frontierland - as I have mentioned, these scans are from a group of many hundreds that were graciously shared by an anonymous donor.

Check out this unusual view, looking at the Mark Twain from Cascade Peak! Not the tippy-top of Cascade Peak, I am assuming. Such a beautiful image - look at that glassy water. Of course that north end of the river has now been changed forever...

Here's another unusual view, possibly taken from the Disneyland Railroad, but it is possible that a publicity photographer was allowed to walk around on western shore of the river, sneaking up on Chief Wavy. Notice the Indian Village with the later additions of Northwestern Indian structures.

The next two scenes are very familiar to Disneyland fans; like the lazy (but definitely not dead!) settler taking a siesta next to his burning cabin. You'd think that the sapling right in front of us would be removed to allow a better view of the carnage.

And there he is, the Chief, with his faithful pony. I just gave the pony a name: Potato. Genius! Notice the light at the feet of Potato so that guests could see the chief at night.

Thanks as always to the mysterious donor!


K. Martinez said...

The first pic of the Mark Twain rounding the river bend is a beauty. That part of the river no longer exists since it was truncated for the new Star Wars area. Thanks, Major.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

That settler is not lazy. Legend has it he got that grinding wheel going too fast, his shirt sleeve got stuck and tore his right arm clean off. He's just lying in shock till the EMT's arrive.

Poor old Wavy got moved to the reservation and Potato got mashed by the imperial stormtroopers.

Nice photo's, keep em coming. Thanks to you and the mystery benefactor.

Jonathan said...

The first photo is quite possibly the best I have ever seen of the Mark Twain. Heck, all these photos are great. I love the band playing on the deck as well.The river as Walt and the Imagineers created it. I miss it. Thanks to you Major for letting me relive my childhood.

Patrick Devlin said...

Nice shots, with a sort of behind the scenes feel to them. Good Monday to all!

I wonder if the imagineers put in the detail of having Potato chips underneath the back end of Wavy's mount?

Nanook said...


The first two shots are pretty stunning. The Mark Twain is practically deserted in the first image, allowing those who are on-board the run of the place.

'Potato' - huh-? I would'a thought 'Koko', as that was Rex Allen's horse. Well, you know - sorta keeping it in the family.

Thanks, Major and our anonymous donor.


That’s CHEIF AUTOPARTS .... he’s riding a MUSTANG .........or is that a PINTO?

Jonathan said...

@mike I think its a Bronco!

Matthew said...

@Mike Cozart and @Jonathan. It was a '67 Mustang as I recall... 1867 of course.

It appears that first photo is taken from the Pack Mules as there appears to be a shadow of a rider on that rock (bottom right corner). It appears to high up on Cascade Peak to be taken from the Mine Train. WOW! What a photo... and it is strange to see a beach on the opposite shore.

Finally, that second shot does appear to be taken from the Disneyland Railroad. These are all wonderful photos.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Patrick Devlin said...

Nice call there, Amazon Belle re the Pack Mules as being the photographer's location. I thought for a minute or two that it could have been from NWRR but it just seemed a little too high

Melissa said...

I love wheb water looks bluer because it's reflecting a blue sky like in the first picture. Postcard-worthy!

If you say "potato, potato, potato, potato" really fast, it sounds like a horse galloping. Coincidence?

Melissa said...

"Potato got mashed by the imperial stormtroopers."

They didn't mash him, they just put him out to spud.

Anonymous said...

"looks like Bill is a-wearing his new Arrow shirt..."



Matthew said...

Whoa! Classic line @JG! Classic!

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle