Monday, April 02, 2018

In Fantasyland, July 1972

I don't mean to be unkind, but some of you need some fashion advice. Hopefully you will be inspired by today's first photo. For instance, how about a mustard-yellow shirt, and ketchup-red pants? Ooh-la-la! If that's not your style, I recommend some "Dirty Harry" sideburns and a cowboy hat. 

To be honest, most of these guests look surprisingly clean-cut for 1972. Where are the long-haired "freaks" that we all love so much?

Father and son are having lots of fun aboard Dumbo's Flying Elephants. Dad reminds me of my childhood friend Ronnie's old man, only this guy looks like more fun. Sitting next to him is a kid who we previously saw (circa 1967) weeping as he exited the Mr. Toad ride. Now he's older, wiser, and braver!


Nanook said...


Mustard and ketchup are always in good taste. And that doss look like Ronnie's Dad. What are the odds-?

Thanks, Major.

Scott Lane said...

That guy in the mustard shirt and ketchup pants (with the mold-blue jacket) looks like he's coming to eat your brains.

Chuck said...

The signage here is abysmal. King Arthur's Carrousel is NOT a coupon.

I wonder what the guy on the right is orating about?

K. Martinez said...

As awesome as that King Arthur Carrousel pic with Joanne Worley is, my favorite today is the father & son on Dumbo. Looks like they're having FUN! Thanks, Major.

Jonathan said...

Ok, Mr. Mustard stole my red bells, sombody call a cop. Now all of us who lived through the '70s needed wardrobe advice, but someone needs to tell Betty Beehive to get her head out of our photo. If you listen very carefully you can almost hear "Horse With No Name" playing in the background. Great pictures Major thank you.

Chuck said...

Jonathan, now I can't "Horse With No Name" out of my head. Of course, it's an organ instrumental played at a march tempo, but it's still stuck there. I don't mind, though. It's drowning out most of the voices.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I agree, unless we are talking about hot dogs. Ketchup should never be anywhere near hot dogs.

Scott Lane, he is sort of “shambling”, isn’t he?

Chuck, are you gonna argue with the sign? What’s next, arguing with a police officer?

K. Martinez, if that isn’t Joanne Worley, that lady stole her wig! I get the feeling that the dad was the person who probably organized the Disneyland trips - I have perhaps 150 slides from him!

Jonathan, I remember when everybody was nostalgic for the 50’s (“Happy Days”), and I thought, “Nobody is EVER going to be nostalgic for the 70’s!”. How wrong I was.

Chuck, at least “Horse With No Name” is fairly tuneful! I’ve had an awful song by the Little River Band stuck in my head since I heard it at the barber shop two days ago. Maybe I need to listen to “It’s a Small World” to get rid of it.

Patrick Devlin said...

Gee Major, are you Reminiscing about old songs? Don't worry, Help is on its Way for you.

Are the sunshades strung between the Castle and the Carrousel retractable or are they up there sort of semi-permanently? And say what about that relish for hot dogs that comes mixed with ketchup? These are the hard questions of our times...

Jonathan said...

Major, don't tell me let me guess... "Reminiscing". Now I can't get that out of my head either.

Nanook said...

Not to worry when it comes to banishing any 'ear worms'. The sure-fire cure is always ¿Cómo Está Usted?, by none other than Annette. (However, I have no antidote for that song-!)

Melissa said...

Sure, the guy dressed up as the color wheel is interesting, but the Fruit Stripe Cowboy over at left has his own brand of reckless charm. He should be riding around Frontierland on Yipes the Zebra.

Of course the little boy isn't scared anymore. Ever since he started combing his hair like Barnabas Collins, the power of the TV vampire strikes fear in the hearts of all who would oppose him. Especially that little girl with the crooked pigtails who used to call him "Dum-dum Monkeypants."

Anonymous said...

I love GDB, come for the vintage Disneyland pictures, stay for the fashion advice, music picks, old movie references and classic car identification.

Crowd-sourced lunacy of a high order.

We should do a GDB playlist.

Cheers all, and thanks Major.


Major Pepperidge said...

Patrick Devlin, uh oh, somebody sounds like he’s big “Little River Band” fan! You know all their biggest hits. (Yes, it was “Reminscing”). I’m not sure about those sunshades on the Carrousel; these appear to be yellow and blue, which I’ve never noticed before, so maybe they were replaceable.

Jonathan, aieeee, don’t even say it’s name! Get out of my head, dumb song!

Nanook, Annette song might be an ear worm, but I don’t know it, and I’m not going to listen to it just in case!! Even though I love Annette.

Melissa, ha ha, the Fruit Stripe Cowboy predated the Rhinestone Cowboy by two or three years, for whatever that’s worth. Love the Barnabas Collins reference! Jonathan Frid was the best.

JG, I’m not sure I would call the fashion discussion “advice” exactly! But if you start seeing models wearing ketchup and mustard colors in Milan next season, you’ll know that GDB should get all the credit. As for a playlist, do you mean a playlist of terrible ear worms? Or actual good songs?!

Anonymous said...

Just looking at the first photo, I knew that was the 60s/70s just by looking at that one lady's tall hair. That is a classic hairdo. Also that one guy in bellbottoms.

Anonymous said...

@Patrick Devlin, re Sunshades

The sunshades visible in the photo appear to be the same types used elsewhere in the Park, across the central concourse of Original Tomorrowland (removed in the 1967 update), around the snack bars FAN 1 and FAN 2, the French Market patio and maybe other places as well.

Those at the French Market are movable, the fabric slides back and forth like curtains on the supporting cables, which are fixed (like rails or tracks). I think there are pictures of these same shades in different positions, so I think the Carousel shades themselves were also movable.

Pretty sure these are a custom WED design. It might have been the kind of thing that MAPO would do, except these predate MAPO. I have never seen anything like them on other buildings or in the construction marketplace. I'm sure if they were available as a product they would be found in other locations also.


Melissa said...

When I first saw the nice lady's tall hair, I thought it was one of the tour guides' black riding-helmet-style hats.