Friday, July 21, 2017

Submarine Lagoon, October 1961

I sure do love today's first scan, with Tomorrowland framed by one of the Matterhorn's stony Skyway openings (orifices?)! I will be diplomatic and describe the atmosphere as "hazy" rather than "smoggy" - but it adds a dreamlike quality to the image, as if the world ends not far beyond that eucalyptus tree  wind-break.

A sub is in the perfect position as it moves through water the color of a blue tourmaline. Two butter-yellow Skyway buckets are in front of us, one heading with us toward Tomorrowland,  the other about to pass on its way to Fantasyland. I miss this whole experience so much.

Moments later, a second photo was snapped for a clean, stone-free view. Notice the fruit-laden orange tree - presumably a survivor from the original orange groves from which Disneyland was whittled - in the lower right, along with plenty of delicious oleanders*. 

*Don't eat oleander!


Nanook said...


Boy - both of these images are really postcard-worthy - especially with the original Skyway buckets. And as far as the 'hazy sky' is concerned, it's merely laden-down with tiny bubbles-!

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Look at that long line for the Monorail! I don't think I've ever noticed that covered area to the right of the speedramp for the Monorail queue before. I love the framing of that first pic. It makes me want to change all of the windows in my home to rockwork openings.

K. Martinez said...

Wow! These images are a great example of how wonderful riding the Skyway was. Passing through the Matterhorn via the Skyway was one of those fantastic only-at-Disneyland moments that is now gone forever.

I agree with Nanook about these being postcard worthy. Thanks, Major.

Pegleg Pete said...

You've outdone yourself today, Major! These are some swell photographs indeed. Thanks.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Love these pictures Major. Great friday morning boost, along with the sugar from those oranges. It probably led to a mess of orange peels from guests. That and the chubby mermaid with the sticky fingers prompted the trees removal.
I think I'll go finish my balanced breakfast with toast slathered in Tomorrowland butter. It comes in a collectable skyway bucket.

I better not say that too loud. Disney will market just about anything.

DrGoat said...

Great pics this morning Major. That first one is a pip. And don't even put dried oleander in your campfire and try to cook something over it. You'll regret it.

DKoren said...

Wow, and wow. Those are spectacular shots!

Anonymous said...

This is the stuff, Major. Just splendid.


Unknown said...

It amazes me to this day how strong the illusion of descending you get from the bubbles streaming by your porthole. I still love it.

zach said...

Great pics! I wonder if I ever thought to take that picture through the rock face orifice?


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, you mean tiny champagne bubbles? Wunnerful!

TokyoMagic!, the Monorail and Submarine Voyage were still pretty new, and we know that so much Disneyland advertising featured those attractions. No wonder there were long lines!

K. Martinez, once in a while I’ll read a comment about the Skyway along the lines of “Actually, it wasn’t so great, all you saw was rooftops and ugly backstage areas”. It makes my brain melt.

Pegleg Pete, I’m glad you liked today’s pix!

Alonzo, I like to put sugar on orange slices, dip them in Mrs. Butterworth’s, and then dredge them in more sugar. Doctors say that it gives you the energy that you need to get through the day.

DrGoat, I only use poison oak branches for my campfires, so no worries about the oleander.

DKoren, thanks!

JG, these photos remind me of the excitement I felt back in the day.

Patrick Devlin, I agree, the bubble illusion is sometimes pooh-poohed, but I think it’s brilliant. I especially liked it when they lit the bubbles with a red light to indicate a glowing lava vent.

David Zacher, if you DID take a photo like that, you could always share it here (hint hint)….

walterworld said...

I'd trade a few smoggy days to have the Skyway back!

K. Martinez said...

walterworld, I'd trade Indiana Jones Adventure to have the Skyway back.