Monday, June 05, 2017

Two portraits at Disneyland, September 1958

Plenty of people have posed for nice portraits at Disneyland. Thousands. TENS of thousands. Maybe even "oodles". For one thing, you can prove that you really were there, and not just telling a "whopper" like usual! Also, a photo of you in Disneyland is an acceptable ID around the world. No need for a passport. When have I ever steered you wrong before?

This first one is so nice and crisp; this lady wanted her picture taken next to Mickey's flower portrait, so in a way it's a double portrait. We also get a nice look at the Kalamazoo handcar, the Santa Fe sign, and the poster for the brand-new Grand Canyon Diorama. 

Next we have this gentleman over in Frontierland, presumably not far from the Dance Circle. He is resplendent in his Chief's regalia - feathered headdress, "hair pipe" vest, and elaborately beaded accoutrements. I wish we knew more about him - at least his name and his tribe.


Nanook said...


Both of these images are giving me the idea I should be doing a bit of posing myself, but I have neither the great headdress or outfit with ruffled top, earrings and 'sensible' shoes. Ahhh. What can you do-? (Perhaps in the buff on a bear skin rug...)

Thanks, Major.

DrGoat said...

Well Nanook, I think I better stick to a Davy Crockett outfit.
Great images. Like those duds on that first lady. Ready for a stylish day at the park.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, clearly today's slides were some of the most exciting images ever published, based on the incredible public response! ;-) I still say that short shorts are the thing to wear to Disneyland, or any other function.

DrGoat, I hope it doesn't rain when you are wearing those buckskins!

zach said...

Way too little respect for this post! Sure, no telephone poles or babushkas or vintage cars but we have a pretty woman, flowered Mickey and a fully decked out Native American!