Sunday, June 11, 2017

Tomorrowland Views, June 1962

Here are a couple of so-so Tomorrowland views, circa 1962. They're sort of washed-out and fuzzy, which qualifies them for a lazy Sunday post.

This first one almost looks like it was shot in the old two-strip Technicolor, reds and greenish-blues dominating. Still, it's kind of nice to have this perspective on the Flying Saucers, and to have the Astro Jets whirling around so close by. Also, there's the old Administration Building, formerly the Dominguez house.

Anaheim was really blanketed with a thick marine layer (the "June gloom"); it's sort of weird looking! We can see a single Motor Boat, along with the (Fantasyland?) Autopia, and all the usual attractions you'd expect to see.


walterworld said...

Hey there's the Fantasyland Richfield Eagle!

Thanks Major, it shall be a lazy Sunday indeed...

Nanook said...


Other than the odd color, that first image was taken from a pretty interesting angle, revealing some wonderful things. Interesting that today's post should be from June, 1962, for at this very moment I'm looking at the DVD of 40 Pounds of Trouble, which was originally released in December of 1962 - so it's entirely possible the 15+ minutes of Disneyland footage was shot very close to June, 1962.

And for the record, there was no such a thing as "two-strip Technicolor". It was actually Two Color Technicolor, and was shot on one piece of film. Actually a special Technicolor camera used a beam-splitter that simultaneously exposed two consecutive frames of a single strip of black-and-white film, one behind a green filter and one behind a red filter. After processing the negatives, the two positive films were cemented back-to-back to create a projection print. (Imagine trying to keep those prints in focus-!)

40 Pounds of Trouble, although not shot in Technicolor - 1960's-style, none-the-less looks quite good in Eastman color & Panavision. Not to mention some nice photography of Disneyland back then. And... the DVD can be had for a mere $5.30-!

Thanks, Major.

Dean Finder said...

I thought the Richfield Eagle was swooping down to catch a Skyway bucket - the salmon colored one, of course.

Major Pepperidge said...

walterworld, yep, there’s the eagle! Maybe we’ll see him in an upcoming auction of Disneyland memorabilia someday. He’d look great on top of my mansion.

Nanook, that’s what I get for not fully researching a casual remark about Technicolor! But now the record (who’s keeping that record, anyway?!) has hopefully been corrected. As for 40 Pounds of Trouble, I’ve seen the Disneyland clips on YouTube - the park looks great, but I sure haven’t been tempted to watch the whole movie. I still want to know how Tony Curtis (or whoever) managed to talk Walt into letting them film in the park.

DeanFinder, with those mighty wings, the eagle could carry off children, and even some smaller adults. Adults were more crunchy!

Connie Moreno said...

Hello Major! Today's photos had me mesmerized, especially the first one! I love seeing the Disneyland of my childhood from new angels. Wow, so darn awesome. I have heard about the Dominguez home many times but this is the first photo I've seen of it. Love me some Flying Saucers!