Friday, June 02, 2017

Tomorrowland, July 1958

Here are a few beauties from the early Tomorrowland! I sure wish I had been able to see it like that - I am especially interested in all of those oddball sponsored exhibits.

That Moonliner is about as cool as a rocket can be. Keep in mind that this was built at a mere 1/3 the size that the "real thing" would have been - this was from before the days when a multi-stage rocket was the answer to getting to the Moon. The Flight Circle is to our left, and those elliptical shades to the right might cover some "Hobbyland" displays, or (more likely) were there to keep guests cool. 

I thought I'd zoom in for a little people-watching. Nice socks, mister! I like the girl with the pony tail and plaid shorts. Looks like that cast member is replacing the inside of a trash can with a large cardboard box (?).

Here's another great image, with the Skyway buckets heading to and fro, and the Space Bar and Autopia entrance nearby. Notice the two little water fountains near that tree.

I hope you have enjoyed today's nice Tomorrowland views!


Nanook said...


Some pretty wonderful images we've got here. It does look like that 'sweep' is using custom-sized cardboard boxes as trash can liners. Seems a bit odd with all the liquids that would undoubtedly be dumped into each one. And what a cute feature - that tiny planter and twin water fountains - complete with "apple boxes" for the wee folk.

Thanks, Major.

Scott Lane said...

Maybe cardboard boxes were the forerunner of the plastic trashcan liner?
And, for the record, I always wear white knee socks with shorts. They go great with my black sandals!

Unknown said...

Every time I see a great shot of the TWA Moonliner (like this one) I'm reminded of the model that was on display at the Disney Gallery, about 24" tall. I really want a model about that size. What a great feel in these shots today, Major.

DrGoat said...

Used to hang around the Moonliner a lot back then. You could pretend you were on shore leave, waiting to take off again.

Anonymous said...

These are nice shots today, sharp and clear.

Original Tomorrowland was pretty sparse, but that skyway sign is really the bomb.


Anonymous said...

Indeed the cardboard liner was the forerunner of plastic bags. At home we used the paper bags from the grocery store. That's a long time ago! KS

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I have seen those large cardboard trashcan liners before, though I can’t recall if it was in one of my photos, or if it was on Daveland’s blog. Imagine how many of those boxes they must have gone through on a busy day!

Scott Lane, hey, it’s time to update your look. Argyle socks are the order of the day, and they go with everything. Buy 100 pairs of socks today!

Patrick Devlin, I know exactly which model you are referring to - I sure wish I had one of those. I think Tony Baxter has one.

DrGoat, I hope you wore silver lamé to look extra convincing!

JG, I always think that the old Skyway sign was sort of a junior version of the Tower of the Four Winds.

KS, I still use paper bags! I have an acquaintance that gets tons of them, even in this more enlightened age.