Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Two Blasts From the Past

Today I am sharing two scans from days of yore - in other words, repeats. But these aren't like terrible episodes of "Three's Company"; these are more like good episodes of "The Wild Wild West"!

Let's start with this beautiful look at the 1950's Tomorrowland, with the white spear-shaped Moonliner ready to leap into the heavens at any moment. The deep blue sky really makes the other colors pop. This Tomorrowland had an interesting assortment of odd shapes (those umbrella-ish awnings, the domes of the "Rocket to the Moon" attraction), and a surprising amount of color. The Autopia car on display is generally referred to as Walt Disney's custom special; but it's under a tarp (maybe it rained recently) so we can't climb in and take it for a spin.

The signs for "The World Beneath Us", the "20,000 Leagues Show", and even "The American Dairy Association Dairy Bar" make me wish I could step into this picture and visit those attractions.

This photo of the Monsanto plastic house of the future is pretty enough to be in a souvenir guidebook.  The white plastic structure could have easily looked sterile and cold, but the use of water and landscaping transformed it into a place that I wouldn't mind having for my abode. 


Nanook said...


I was under the impression the "Monsanto plastic house" was your abode-! (And I thought the "Atoms for Living Kitchen" was your idea). Where did I go wrong-?

Thanks, Major, for another glimpse at these great images.

Anonymous said...

Is that girl in the white sweater texting?


Scott Lane said...

Eric: She's Tweeting and checking in on Facebook.

I'd not only like to visit the 20,000 Leagues attraction I'd also like to visit that future rarity - the public telephone.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

@Scott Lane

It's funny how at the end of life of the "public phone" ladies would be so grossed out to use one they would have to swab it down with an always handy wet wipe. And yet today I see them storing (and retrieving) their phones from the band of their sweaty lululemon (yoga) pants. Cooties are always less offensive when they are your own I guess.

Unknown said...

...and martini loive-on-a-stick light fixtures. What's not to love.

Unknown said...

I mean "olive". Sheesh.

Chuck said...

Not to worry, Patrick - we all still loive you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the first picture is really nice. Old TL always looked kind of sparse, but this view is filled with activity. I loive it, especially the lights.

@Chuck and Patrick, I think you have coined a GDB classic today.

@Nanook, agreed. I always envision the Major writing the blog while sitting in the window of the HOF. My office would be in the rear castle of Captain Hook's Pirate Ship, with a view out to Casey Jones.

Thank you Major.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I only WISH that the Monsanto house was mine. As I’ve said before, it seems made to be perched up on the Hollywood Hills overlooking the Valley or Los Angeles (I’ll be OK with either!).

Eric, I’m just glad she’s not twerking.

Scott Lane, how did people survive without phones to distract them 24 hours a day? Funny you mentioned the public telephone - I just composed a post with a similar photo, and mentioned the sign for the phone!

Alonzo, “lululemon”, that’s a new one for me. And yes, the things people do with their own phones… looking at them while in the bathroom (if you know what I mean), ugh. It always surprises me to hear the sounds of videos playing from a stall. Again, UGH.

Patrick Devlin, those lights are super classic mid-century awesomeness for sure.

Chuck, I don’t know why, but “loive” reminds me of “to blave” from “The Princess Bride”.

JG, even in photo #1 I think Tomorrowland looks a little sparse. I mean, it looks great, but it’s so uncrowded. However, there is definitely lots going on, maybe it’s the angle. I like your idea of having an office in the Pirate Ship’s stern gallery. I wonder what other places would make great abodes? The old Skyway Chalet?

Chuck said...

Major, that's a great question, and there are so many good options.

The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse has running water, and we know that the Settler's Cabin on TSI has (or had) gas heating. A major negative for both, though, is no toilet facilities (although the cabin does have plenty of nearby trees and bushes).

There are other places that have plenty of good points. Fort Wilderness was located in a gated community, and Alice's Cottage is in a small, cozy little neighborhood where everybody knows your name.

All in all, I still like the idea of living above the Tinker Bell Toy Shoppe (assuming they've finally gotten rid of the hippie stench). It's a nice, central location, above the hustle and bustle of the crowds, and unlike Club 33 or Walt's Apartment, nobody would know it was there. At least, not until you flushed the toilet.

Tom said...

Great rescans!

Everyone I've shown that first photo to agrees that girl is texting. Or maybe using the Disneyland App to find the wait times on the Mine Train. That's what I would be doing. I would definitely loive to get a chance at a trip through Rainbow Caverns.