Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Devlin Family Photos - Part 16

Sadly, today will be the last of the Devlin Family's photos from Disneyland. I am very grateful that Tom, Mike, and Patrick were nice enough to let me share them with all of you! Today's are from the 1980's.

Well start with this shot of these ornately carved shields from the Enchanted Tiki Room, circa 1980. They have a Crump-ish (as in Rolly) look to them, though I don't know for sure if he had anything to do with them. I believe that they are still there today (or ones that look very much like them).

Also from 1980 is this photo from Disneyland's 25th anniversary parade. Four of the "Fab Five" have their hands (paws, wings) in the air like they just don't care. Where is Minnie? In the background is the distinctive Bekins/Global Van Lines building; I honestly don't understand why it was changed to the generic look that it has now.

There's one of the Devlin boys, all grown up! It's brother Joe, maybe you remember him from one of these photos. He's piloting Captain Hook's Pirate Ship to Neverland. As one does. Patrick tells me that Joe is a cast member at California Adventure, so if you see somebody there who looks familiar, say "hello"!

I should've mentioned that these last two pictures are from 1982. Pretty soon the pirate ship and Skull Rock would be razed. The thing I miss the most about this photo is the Chicken of the Sea mermaid figurehead!

MANY THANKS to the Devlins. But don't be sad; I have a few additional Devlin photos from other parks (Universal Studios, Knott's, Marineland) to share in the coming weeks!


Nanook said...

Yes - thanks to all the Devlins for allowing us to take a look at a bit of their past with Disneyland as background.

TokyoMagic! said...

Ooooh, I loved the 25th Anniversary Parade! Major, I also didn't understand why they had to change the Global Van Lines building. Couldn't the Emporium have just been expanded into that space when the lockers were moved and the facade remain the same? It would have saved them money and they seem to always be all about trimming budgets and saving money. The newer facade has never looked right to me.

Thank you, Devlin Family for sharing your Disneyland photos with us! I'm looking forward to seeing your family pics from other So Cal attractions!

K. Martinez said...

The Devlin family photos always pick me up. Thank you, Tom, Mike and Patrick.

Scott Lane said...

Thanks for sharing your childhood memories with us, guys!

Chuck said...

Thanks so much, Devlins, for sharing your smiles with us. Looking forward to seeing the next chapters from outside the berm!

DrGoat said...

Many thanks to the Devlins. Miss the pirate ship, Skull Rock,
and Chicken of the Sea. They were main attractions during the
60s for us.

Unknown said...

We all have our little gaps in Disneyland memories or experiences. One of mine seems to be the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship. I had to have been on it a number of times, but I got nothing. Ah well.

And thanks so much, Major, for stringing together with your terrific writing and observations all of the time-strung bits of my family's experiences at the Park. It's been very touching.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Major and the Devlin family, this has been a very enjoyable and special run of posts.


TokyoMagic! said...

That third shield in the first pic, looks like it has the head of a space alien on it!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I am hoping that these contributions (and your upcoming contributions!!) will inspire others to share their stuff here!

TokyoMagic!, what was it that you loved about the 25th Anniversary Parade? If I saw it, I don’t remember it at all. The former Global Ban Lines building was so nice, I really do wonder why somebody decided it needed to be neutered.

K. Martinez, as I mentioned, there is still some fun Devlin stuff to come…

Scott Lane, I know the Devlins were happy to share.

Chuck, there’s some good stuff coming, including some unexpected “behind the scenes” stuff.

DrGoat, I think that many of us who were lucky enough to see that corner of “Old Fantasyland” miss the same features as you do.

JG, I agree with you!

TokyoMagic!, I wonder if those designs were based on real native artwork, or if they are complete fantasies?

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, I loved that parade for so many reasons. It was long and had many performers. The parades today are shorter and have fewer performers and musicians. The parade also celebrated each "land" and utilized one of the Horse Drawn Streetcar vehicles (which had been adapted for street use), one of the old Frontierland Stagecoach attraction vehicles, and an antique circus calliope that was used in the park on opening day and also in the Mickey Mouse Club Circus. I also loved the parade's theme song, "Disneyland Is Your Land" and the Kids of the Kingdom-like performers that lip synched to it while spinning giant mirrored letters around that spelled out "D-i-s-n-e-y-l-a-n-d". Do I need to mention the spandex-wearing roller-discoing skaters that represented Tomorrowland? At the time, I actually thought it was sad that that was all they came up with for the Tomorrowland unit of the parade, but today....for some reason, I can't help but love it.