Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Main Street, July 1958

Good old Main Street U.S.A... of all the "lands", it is the one that feels the least-changed since the 1950's (even though, yes, it has definitely had its share of changes).

Both of todays photos are from 1958; let's start with this unusual angle looking toward the Opera House (long before Mr. Lincoln moved in) and the Bank of America, with the Wurlitzer shop to our left. I know that they had organs and pianos on sale, but I wonder if you could have (theoretically) purchased one of those beautiful jukeboxes that Wurlitzer produced. 

The park looks as neat as a pin, as usual. Notice the prominent fire hydrant, with a little drinking fountain just to the right of it. 

Now we're up at the hub (or Plaza) looking toward Main Street Station. Ya gots yer Coke Corner to our right, with a lamppost sign for the then-new Alice in Wonderland attraction. The Chemical Wagon is heading south, while a distant Streetcar heads toward us.

Just for fun, I decided to zoom in a bit. More for the people than the buildings!


TokyoMagic! said...

I've never noticed how the Carefree Corner had "Founded" and a date painted way up high on it's facade!

Chuck said...

Look at those crowds! There must have been an excruciatingly long two-minute wait for Mr Toad.

Major, Mr Lincoln had big plans for the Opera House but had problems with the carpenters' union getting in the way for years before he finally got to move in in '65. His patience paid off, however, and he absolutely loves the place. In fact, he's been practically rooted to the spot ever since.

TM!, I believe that's the year of the founding of the Insurance Company of North America (INA), who (as you well know) was the sponsor of the "Information and Registration Center." That sounds so deliciously Orwellian...

K. Martinez said...

I love 1950's photos of Main Street, U.S.A. best because they show all the early shops, restaurants and color schemes.

I used to go into the INA Carefree Corner just to see the large backlit photos advertising Walt Disney World above the counter in the mid-1970's. I remember telling myself that some day I was going to go there and I went just a few years later. Thanks Major.

DrGoat said...

Just plain lovely. Main Street has become my favorite place to
hang out in and remember the 50s and 60s with my parents, both
whom are gone, and the wonderful times we had. I look back and
realize how fortunate my childhood was.

Unknown said...

Well that middle shot explains one thing for sure: Early visitors stayed on the sidewalks because of all that infernal, new-fangled motor car traffic!

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, I saw that too, and while the date is surely in other photos, I don’t recall ever really seeing it.

Chuck, it only makes sense that the carpenter’s union would be against Robo-Lincoln. If he had been made of wood, they’d have welcomed him. And I believe that the 1792 date was added in honor of the year that Pringles potato chips were invented.

K. Martinez, wasn’t there a large map of the park as well? Or am I thinking of the one in City Hall?

DrGoat, for many years, Main Street was just the corridor to all of the Lands that I *really* wanted to get to. Sure, you could shop for stuff, and see Mr. Lincoln, but I did not appreciate it the way I do now.

Patrick Devlin, nobody wanted to explain to their insurance company that they’d been struck by an olde-timey fire engine. Talk about embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Old Main Street is the Best Main Street.

Also: What Dr. Goat Said.


walterworld said...

I remember signing my name into a large Guest Book at Carefree Corner in the late 70's or early 80's. There were books on the shelf for years and years in the past.

I wonder where those books are now. Probably in a landfill I'd guess...?