Sunday, June 12, 2016

Along Main Street, May 1966

Here are a few more images from the 1966 Main Street area. Walt was still around, though his energy was probably involved in "The Florida Project" at this point. Makes ya think.

Anyway, I always like seeing the Global Van Lines vehicle, parked near the lockers, formerly sponsored by Bekins. Years ago somebody commented that the Global truck belonged to a private collector and was being restored... I hope that the public gets to see it some day. And I hope that I get to jump it over the Snake River on an ABC television special, broadcast to the world. Can we get Howard Cosell to announce it?

A little further up Main Street was the Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner. Because of course, a glass of Coke was "The Pause that Refreshes". I still find it interesting that Coca-Cola was found in some parts of the park (Main Street, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland), while Pepsi ruled in Frontierland and (presumably) Adventureland.


Nanook said...


I always loved the fact Disneyland (did) offer both Coke and Pepsi. And I believe both could be found together at Fan 1 & 2. Also certain it was the Coca-Cola sponsorship of the American Adventure at EPCOT which forced Pepsi out of both parks.

In the second image, it would appear one of the "grandmas" is wearing her babushka 'down'. (And, BTW, 'babushka' in Russian literally means elderly woman or grandmother).

Thanks, Major.

Unknown said...

A pleasant Sunday morning to all. I always got a kick out of the furor regarding McDonald's having the gall to sell their French fries in the Park some years back. Corporate sponsorship and name-brand product were always a part of the Park's look. Oh well.

(No hornet's nests were disturbed, I hope, in posting this. :))

Nanook said...

@ Patrick Devlin-

The 'corporate' part is easily understood. Let's just say "some" corporations might be poorer choices for sponsorship than others. In my book, McDonald's and Starbucks - yes, *$s, are not the best choices for a myriad of reasons. But nobody asked me...

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, personally I am still upset that I could never get an ice-cold Moxie. It's a conspiracy! (Actually, I spoke to an old guy who collected Moxie ephemera, and I asked him what it tasted like. He said "Like old socks"!!

Patrick Devlin, reading ahead, I see that Nanook and I have similar theories... my guess is that the McDonald's backlash was more about people not wanting something as crass as McDonald's in Disneyland. It's hard to say exactly WHY some sponsors are less offensive than others, but somehow things like Coke, Kodak, and GM worked.

Nanook, I wonder how many people complained about the McDonald's fry cart, and then bought some anyway. My young niece and nephew were thrilled that they could have Mickey D's french fries.

Nanook said...


If nothing else, McDonald's does make very good french fries.

And who knew Moxie tasted "like old socks". WOW-! That description is usually reserved for durian - which I have eaten and can attest to its intensely-strong flavor/smell. However, when crafted into ice cream it's actually quite yummy.

Brad Abbott said...

Here's a thread from a few years back by the guy who bought the Bekins truck, so hopefully it's still around somewhere:

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I have tried durian as well (I have an Asian market nearby)... it's been a while, but my main memory was a sort of fried onion flavor. I feel like I need to try it again! I'm pretty sure they carry durian ice cream too, maybe I'll buy a carton.

Brad Abbott, thanks for the link to that forum... I wish they'd shared photos of the truck they were talking about. And I wish there had been regular updates since those posts!