Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Mark Twain, November 1955

As is often the case, this photographer who took today's photos was mighty impressed with the Mark Twain - so much so that she took four pictures of it in succession. I can't say that I blame her - nowadays we take it for granted, but it is a beautiful sight, lit with the warm rays of late afternoon winter sun. 

Note the gambler in the foreground, who we saw more clearly in THIS POST.

Here it comes, slowly and smoothly toward the dock. Look at all the people! And a large group is looking forward to their own ride around the River.

When I become a slick riverboat gambler, I'll have to remind myself to NOT have an ace of spades  clearly on display in my hat band - it's just a rookie mistake. 


Unknown said...

She's listing port there! All hands lay to the starboard rail! Up and forward starboard, down and aft port.

I might be over-reacting...

walterworld said...

Wow what a fantastic scene!

That Gambler is just waiting for some down-on-his-luck traveler to try his luck at Acey-Duecey!

Thanks Major!

Anonymous said...

Horizon's listing a bit as well!

DrGoat said...

He even looks a bit like John Carradine. Wonderful pics.

Nanook said...

I'm afraid the listing is due to the sympathetic vibrations coming from the performance of the on-board showgirls-!

K. Martinez said...

The riverboat approaching the Frontierland dock landing is probably the most classic image of the Mark Twain, Thanks, Major.

DrGoat, John Carradine definitely come to mind.

Major Pepperidge said...

Patrick Devlin, should I batten down the hatches, too?!?!

walterworld, yes, that gambler is evaluating the waiting crowd to see who will be his next mark!

Anonymous, it only looks that way because of forced perspective.

DrGoat, now if only he spoke with Carradine’s amazing voice. Or better yet, if I did.

Nanook, oh if only there were on-board showgirls! It’s already a popular attraction, but pretty girls would change everything.

K. Martinez, it doesn’t hurt that these are from 1955, either.