Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Monstro, 1957

Monstro was the most fearsome whale in the ocean, but what if his parents had named him "Marty", or "Jim"? He might have been the most loveable whale in the ocean. Think about that when you are considering naming your baby "Monstro".

Anyway, at the end of Pinocchio, Biggy M crashed into a wall of rocks while trying to catch Geppetto and Pinoke; now he is trapped in those rocks forever. But, as the household dinosaurs in The Flintstones always say, "It's a living". This first photo is a swell (if familiar) view of that boat-munching cetacean and his environs.

Monstro might benefit from regular flossing, and perhaps some orthodontia. Headgear is out of the question, he has a reputation to uphold. Small children are Monstro's favorite; they are just the right combination of crunchy and chewy.


Nanook said...


The spectacularly-high angle of the first image also gives us a great view of the Casey Jr. track, the Midget Autopia, the Italian Alps in Storybook Land and the Fantasyland Train Station. What a great shot.

And as you wisely pointed out, young 'Butch' there, standing in the "danger zone" of Monstro's choppers better be on his best behavior, lest he becomes a part of Monstro's midday snack.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

I like this Monstro better than today's blue version with a lower mandible. At least he is currently spraying mist from his blowhole. I hadn't seen that happen in a very long time, but noticed it just last week. Now I'm wondering if it was one of those things in the park that was allowed to stay broken for a while.

Unknown said...

You can observe a lot just by watching: I never knew that Monstro used to lack a lower set of teeth. It's nifty too, how the shape of that big ol' melon has changed over the years...

Nancy said...

For some reason, it always looks like Monstro is so far away when viewed from the Skyway. Especially when you get down close and see how big he really is.

Miss Braids seems to be worried this little guy is in the "danger zone"! I find it amusing that he appears to have no fear of standing so close to that giant mouth!

Awesome views today!! :-D

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Great pics today thanks for posting. I agree with the gang, the first one (high angle) is chock full of fantasyland nuts. It shows a lot of details and some good people watching too. A whole meal full of kids about to be eaten (Monstro always says "they taste just like chicken"), cute girl on the bench, strolling man in uniform, etc.

I like the old school Disneyland stroller in the second shot. Kinda look like a torture chamber compared to the luxury models of today.

I call our Beagle Monstro (real name Meadow) as she is also a 24hr a day foodie. Hasn't eaten the kids yet but give her time.

Unknown said...

Amazing pictures!

Chuck said...

Oh, boy! Lotsa vintage goodness in the first photo!

The stuff that stands out immediately - Monstro's original configuration; the multicolored concrete benches & umbrellas; the lighthouse/ticket booth in its original, nautical safety paint scheme; the jagged teeth of the Alps poking up behind Pinocchio's Village.

Looking around the periphery of the photo - a hint of the nautical flags that hung from the lights behind the pirate ship, the Fantasyland station, and extrabermian dirt.

My favorite detail - the Airman Third Class in khaki 505s in front of the umbrella benches, camera around his neck, rolled-up guidebook in his hand, and looking straight up at us in our two-seat Skyway bucket.

It's gonna be a GREAT day...

Anonymous said...

Did Monstro's flipper move at one time? Its appearance in this photo makes it look like it was articulated.

Anonymous said...

What is under the little white roof with the red scallops in the first photo?

K. Martinez said...

Major, What can I add that hasn't been said already except that I enjoyed your commentary most of all today. Thanks for another wonderful post.

DrGoat said...

Likewise. A great start to the day.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, we can thank Disneyland’s compact design for being able to see all of that stuff! It’s hard to tell, but it looks as if “Butch” is a little bit hesitant to be so near those teeth!

TokyoMagic!, I like this one better too (big surprise!); I didn’t know that he still sprayed water, but am glad that he does. I’m sure it DOES get broken; according to Mr. X, a person at the park told him that they are struggling just to maintain all of the rides, and details like that waterfall I mentioned weeks ago are not even “on the list”.

Patrick Devlin, yes, I have seen one particular photo, described as “Monstro under construction”, when it is quite clear that it is actually Monstro having his old concrete chipped away so that he could be resculpted into the current-day version.

Nancy, Monstro is so scary that he never seems far away enough!

Alonzo, the people taste great, but all of those souvenir hats really mess with Monstro’s digestion. And yes, that stroller is kind of awesome… I wonder if any of that kind have survived for some lucky collector. I love that you named your beagle “Monstro”!

Tom Simpson, thanks!

Chuck, I wouldn’t mind having some of those concrete benches surrounding my gorilla-shaped pool. Love the lighthouse (this photo is before the round “porthole” was added to the door); even after you mentioned them, I had to look for those nautical flags. Amazing that you can tell that the serviceman is an Airman Third Class… he just looks like a khaki blurry fellow to me.

Anon, it DOES look like Monstro’s flipper was articulated, but I don’t believe that it ever really moved. I could be wrong though…

Anon #2, I don’t know exactly what was under that little shed, but I am guessing that it had to do with maintenance, since it appears to be in the “never never land” part of Storybook Land.

K. Martinez, thank you!

DrGoat, I'm glad you liked today's vintage pix.

Monkey Cage Kurt said...

Classic Major Pepperidge, I LOVE IT! Such funny stuff! Lot’s of good comments here as well.

I remember very well standing beside that rocky divide completely captivated by Monstro’s eye. I was just a tad older than that little guy there. I even had an outfit not too dissimilar from the one he is wearing, although I don’t know if I was wearing it that day or not.

I LOVE the sweet innocence of these two little people.

Monkey Cage Kurt said...

I can almost see the Millennium Falcon zooming out of there.