Thursday, May 19, 2016

Devlin Family Photos - Part 13

Once again I am proud to present more scans from the Devlin family! As I mentioned before, these are date-stamped "January, 1965", but my guess is that they were actually taken a year or two before.

Say, let's take a nice family portrait; the Submarine Lagoon will make for a striking backdrop. The slide was hand-labeled thusly: "Grandad, Ama, Mama, M.J.". Grandad looks ready for Dapper Day, I would definitely copy his ensemble. The checked shirt, the bow tie, the hat... perfect! Ama has one of those cool pink shopping bags; I always wonder what might be inside those. Maybe some Jumbo postcards.

Meanwhile, back at the Flower Mart, Mama refuses to let the gloom get her down! It must have gotten pretty overcast at some point - either that or evening was approaching (the lights are on in the background).

Earlier in the day she was near the castle, with Snow White's Wishing Well in the distance, and the Matterhorn's snowy peak gleaming in the sun.


K. Martinez said...

The family portrait in front of the Subs lagoon is really nicely photographed. Everyone's dressed up looking dapper. Thanks again to the Devlin family for sharing these wonderful photos.

Unknown said...

After seeing the other shots of this trip I'm beginning to think that the grown-ups snuck off to the Park without us! And good for them...

Chuck said...

These are some wonderful portraits! I've said it before and will say it again - Mr Devlin's photography shows some real skill, and now we're blessed with the results of his labors 50 years later.

Thanks again for sharing, Devlins!

DrGoat said...

Quite a nice shot of Mama at the flower shop. And Dad certainly
looks the part of a Devlin. Indeed, thanks to the Devlins.

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, that lagoon definitely makes for a striking and unique background for a family portrait.

Patrick Devlin, the slides dated 1965 don’t show a single photo with any of the Devlin kids, so I assume that this was a trip just for the adults.

Chuck, it’s true; there are some batches of photos in which it is hard to find even one that is any good. But the Devlin pix have lots of good examples!

DrGoat, that photo was super dark and needed quite a bit of Photoshop magic, but it turned out OK.