Sunday, May 29, 2016

Critters! The Jungle Cruise, 1959

Hoo boy, today's photos are real snores. Sorry! I love the classic Jungle Cruise, but most photos tend to be just the same, even when taken decades apart. You know how it goes.

I've always considered the hippos to be among the most believable animals on the Jungle Cruise; this is based on my extensive experiences with real hippopotomi.

I suppose this crocodile is pretty realistic too; if this was a real river and I saw that fiberglass reptile, I would probably not want to go for a swim.


Nanook said...


I understand the wearing of a Fiberglas swim suit, however, will banish any crocodiles in the vicinity of said suit. So start enjoying the water. (The jury's still out as to if the suit has the same effect on hippos - if their ears happen to be wiggling...)

Thanks, Major

K. Martinez said...

The hippos are my favorite creatures on the Jungle Cruise. The first photo isn't a snore at all. I love the straight on slightly above view of the hippo featuring its nostrils, eyes and wiggling ears peaking above the murky water. Also, the simplicity of this photo makes the hippo shot special to me. Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

Major, would you go swimming if it were a fiberglass river and a real reptile?

Unknown said...

That first shot as a still could be a real hippo. The coloring looks just right and I love the debris in the water that gives the river a natural sort of look. And hey, the water's not a bright blue-green!

I suppose that croc is one of the pair that swam in a circle? I don't think I remember them. Were they located where the Sacred Bathing and Showering Pool of the Elephants was eventually placed? Hmm.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, fiberglass swim suits will be all the rage in Paris next year. Sort of a "Barbarella" thing, I guess.

K. Martinez, I do like the hippos, but man, do I have a ton of photos of them! They are well made though, especially when you see artificial animals at other amusement parks and how fake they look.

Chuck, I assume that the reptile would be encased in hardened resin and glass fibers, so I would just walk around it and point and laugh, like any normal person would.

Patrick Devlin, what is up with the blue-green dye that is used these days? I don't get it; the murky yellow/green looks so authentic, while the blue-green looks like they used a bunch of Tidee Bowl capsules. As for the croc, I am not sure it that particular one swam in a circle; they all look alike to me.