Monday, April 11, 2016

The Tomorrowland Stage

I always love photos of bands playing at the fabulous Tomorrowland Stage! In this case we have "The Better Half" (circa August 1972), which appears to have been a quintet - four guys and a gal. Normally the woman was the singer, and if you were lucky she rocked a tambourine, but this one is playing a baritone saxophone! Which makes her extra super cool.  I think I'm in love.

Down on the dance floor, some kids have a front-row seat, while some of the Seven Dwarfs slam in the mosh pit in the most disgraceful way possible. Oi! Oi! Oi! 

In the background, the lovely Carousel of Progress building, in shades of blue and white.

There's no band in this picture (from September, 1974) but we do get a good look at the swirling, psyechedelic design on the terrazzo floor. The guy to the right is suitably impressed. "Far out, man. I'm going to grow my hair and stop bathing". In the distance, the "Flight to the Moon", with some covert Peoplemover action as well.


TokyoMagic! said...

At first glance, the sign for the "Better Half" actually looks like it says something else.

That guy does seem to be interested in the terrazzo, doesn't he? Maybe he's actually pointing at that huge crack in the floor and saying, "Hey, bad show!"

Nanook said...


I wouldn't set my sights too high on the 'gal with the baritone saxophone', since in other photos of The Better Half the gal can be seen holding a tambourine-! I know, I know - she plays multiple instruments.

I'm kinda surprised at all the major cracking in the terrazzo. Evidently there's been more 'settling' of the earth than the engineers had planned.

Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

The Disney PR machine always claimed Disneyland was meticulously maintained. Even back then they had problems like the cracked terrazzo. Nothing's perfect and never was. Does anyone remember the cracked and damaged fiberglass sign of "The Character Shop" that wasn't repaired for a while? That always bugged me. I think they solved it when they changed it into "The Star Trader". I do like the different shades of blue on the Carousel of Progress. Thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

In all the years I worked and visited Disneyland, I never noticed the flashy terrazo floor. Crack or no crack, it was/is pretty slick. Is it still there?

Anonymous said...

Not to be pedantic, but that's the Tomorrowland Terrace (Coke Terrace) Stage. The Tomorrow Stage was located over near Moon/Mars/Space Mountain. It was briefly referred to as the Space Stage back when Space Place first opened. Tomorrowland Stage disappeared completely when Captain EO arrived in 1986.

Tom said...

Whatever you call that stage, man, it was groovy. Needs more daisies though.

Love that the space bar is still around, even if its original spot got eaten up by the COP.

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, I looked and looked trying to figure out what you were talking about, and then I saw it! I imagine that guy saying “Bad show” with a British accent, like character actor Terry Thomas.

Nanook, tambourine AND saxophone? It’s too much perfection! I agree, those cracks are pretty prominent; the powers that be at Disneyland were probably not happy about it.

K. Martinez, the park was meticulously maintained compared to most amusement parks, but we’ve seen plenty of vintage photos showing various issues. I don’t remember the cracked “Character Shop” sign, now I need a picture of it.

Anonymous, the terrazzo is long gone, though I am not sure when it was torn out. Was it during the 1998 Tomorrowland redo?

Anonymous, I suppose you could say “pedantic”, but hey, it’s accurate. I even knew that the Tomorrowland Stage was the one that big bands used to perform on, but… the mistake happened anyway.

Tom, how about day-glow daisies?!

Anonymous said...

My Tomorrowland. Thanks, Major.


Chuck said...

Don't get me started on chronic maintenance problems at the Park. Just look at the Haunted Mansion - dust and cobwebs EVERYWHERE. I'll bet they haven't cleaned that place in almost 47 years!

K. Martinez said...

JG, is that sort of like My McDonalds? I'm making your Moonburger!

Sunday Night said...

I've always wanted to see what the loading area looks like underneath the ground.

walterworld said...

I've had some great times on that floor both as a kid and then with my wife and kids in the 90's and 00's. Always fascinated me that the stage rose up from the ground. There was a great Beatles tribute band that played there back in the early(?) 2000's.

I'm glad it's still there, even if it's mainly used now for more and more Star Wars 'events'.