Sunday, April 17, 2016

Jungle Cruise, 1959

Here are two OK photos taken while aboard the Jungle Cruise; they could be sharper, but are still kind of nice.

A giant python (or is it a boa constrictor? I can never tell) winds itself snakily around a dead tree trunk, and looms above the passing boats. It grabs a single passenger out of each jungle launch and gobbles him up like Pringles. CHOMP. Who will it be this time?! 

Remember when Schweitzer Falls (named after Carl "Alfalfa" Schweitzer) really looked like a waterfall, and not some two-bit plumbing leak? A boat is just about to pass beneath the overhang, allowing guests a rare view of the back side of water. 

I never really thought about it before, but I like the way the plants overhang the banks, and hang down into the water; it almost looks as if the river is extra full, perhaps due to recent rains.


Nanook said...


Thanks for clearing up the name of the falls, as I always remember it for being named after that great doctor - Dr. Albert Falls. Either way it's nice to see it in all its bountiful water goodness.

Unknown said...

Pretty cool pics for a Sunday, Major. I have some memory of the snake in the tree but can't put a location to it. The river in that first shot looks wild and kind of foreign so it has extra coolness.

I've never understood the reduction in the flow volume of the fabulous falls. There have been some nice changes to the Jungle Cruise over the years but turning the flow has been inconceivable. And that word means what I think it does.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I thought for SURE that you were going to call me on the fact that Carl's last name was spelled differently (Switzer)!! You always keep me on the straight and narrow.

Patrick Devlin, I must have the worst memory in the world, or so it seems when reading the comments on this blog! I too have wondered about why the falls are now a mere trickle; could it be that the pumps use so much electricity that they cost a lot to run? "Mr. X" has been complaining about a waterfall over at Storybook Land that has been off for over a year.

Unknown said...

Well, Major, If I have learned anything from following this blog is that I mow take all of my memories of Disneyland with a shaker-full of salt! For all I know my "memory" is that of looking at guide book pictures from earlier than I can remember.

Nanook said...


I'm away from home this weekend, so am following GDB on my iPhone, so my "research" skills are a bit compromised at the moment. But it's doubtful even with my usual resources at the ready I would have caught that "error".

TokyoMagic! said...

I know the waterfall your friend, Mr "X" is talking about...unless there is more than one that is turned off. The one I'm thinking of hasn't been working for years. It's the really skinny one that trickled down the left side of the cave over by the Skyway chalet. BAD SHOW, Disney!

Chuck said...

I'm always reminded about how long it's been since a visit when you guys start talking about something that hasn't worked for years, and I can't remember a time when it didn't work. Next thing you'll be telling me is that Gummi Glen has been removed.

TokyoMagic! said...

Chuck, yep...right along with Rescue Rangers Racers.