Wednesday, April 13, 2016

More Rescans

I've been rescanning more old photos, and have been getting some dramatically improved results in some cases. Today's examples are pretty good!

Some of you may recall this view of the Skyway, circa 1958 (originally posted way back in 2006). Notice the wall, blocking the area where the Viewliner used to run. The Skyway buckets are strung along their cables like Chinese lanterns, heading toward Holiday Hill.

Here's the rescan, looking SO much crisper and nicer. I might add that this slide (along with the next one) had turned magenta, so this is my new attempt at restoring the color. I just love those Skyway buckets! We've got a funky olive-on-swizzle-sticks light fixture, a few posters, the Astro Jets, and you can even sort of make out the Viewliner sign still standing, just to our left.

This next image shows the Pack Mules (sans riders) loping through the Rainbow Desert, circa 1956 (and originally posted in 2006). I've seen this one being shared on Facebook, reduced to black and white for some reason. 

Here's the latest scan, looking considerably sharper, with better color (though it still leaves something to be desired). Besides the natural rock formations, we see a coyote peeking out of his cave, while a dry watering hole with a warning sign is just visible at the bottom edge. Do you think this was taken just as the park opened, and the mules were being brought from the backstage pony farm?


Nanook said...


It's as if a veil has been lifted - kinda like when some "stars" undergo "reconstructIve" surgery, but in their case, usually with less than satisfactory results. I particularly like the 'so low you can almost reach up and touch them' Skyway buckets-!

Thanks, Major, for more miracles from the scanner bed.

Unknown said...

The new scans look fantastic!

Nancy said...

I thought exactly that about the buckets as well, Nanook...they look so low compared to later, when they went up into the Matterhorn pass-thru. Wonder if that is just an optical illusion, or if they were lower in the beginning. The first view (so beautiful, by the way, Major), really shows the simplicity of early Disneyland. I love it.

The mules are so cute, playing follow the leader there. I thought as well that it was maybe early in the day before the attraction opened.

Two beauties today. Thanks, Major! :-)

K. Martinez said...

Major, usually I like the patina of the older looking photos, but the Skyway picture really does benefit from your rescan. The Astro-jets attraction really stands out here as does the Viewliner sign and Tomorrowland Skyway tower colors. Thanks!

Nancy, the original Tomorrowland Skyway Tower was replaced with a more modern taller tower when the new Skyway buckets were installed.

Unknown said...

Lovely work, Major. And thanks for the info on the Tomorrowland tower, Mr. Martinez. I had always wondered if that was a new tower or whether they had simply put cladding over the old one.

One of favorite things: the little pueblos on the tops of the rock works. That's where the Ten Little Indians lived. (Ugh.) It's also looks like the Mine Train passes under a sort of natural bridge. That wasn't there by the time I can remember riding the NWRR. Kinda cool!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, it is a very satisfying thing when the rescans come out so much better!

Tom Simpson, thanks!

Nancy, it must have been fun to be in the buckets when they were so low. I am guessing you’d still be able to hear conversations on the ground, maybe you could yell “hello” to a family member. And then the buckets made the climb to the top of Holiday Hill.

K. Martinez, I don’t mind patina, but when the problem is just a bad scan or bad color-correction, I feel pretty good about redoing them.

Patrick Devlin, I have always liked those little pueblos, especially the ones on the tumbling or teetering boulders. Imagine being the inhabitants of those little buildings!