Monday, April 18, 2016

Girls in Fantasyland, mid-1960's

Don't you hate it when clueless people walk right in front of you just as you're taking a picture? The lady to our left is completely oblivious. Oh well, we still have a cute photo of two girls (two very plaid girls!) posing with one of the Little Pigs. Is he the Piper Pig or the Fiddler Pig? Without his musical instrument, we may never know. Maybe he is their cousin, the Fender Stratocaster Pig.

The Mad Tea Party attraction fulfills the fantasies of people who have always dreamed of sitting in oversized crockery. Hey, I don't judge. I would prefer a gravy boat (I have long legs), but beggars can't be choosers. You can see our two girls (and a smelly BOY) in their pink teacup.

Also in frame is the Dumbo attraction, the Skyway chalet (and buckets), the Casey Jr. ticket booth, Cinderella's castle, and the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship.


Nancy said...

A very sunny day at Disneyland...nothing is better!

I personally am not a fan of the Pigs. Love all the captures in the second view....especially the Skyway buckets. Maybe the smelly boy is their brother, and he just doesnt like pigs, either.

Thanks for the beautiful views today, Major! :)

TokyoMagic! said...

Oh, I think that lady in the first shot knew EXACTLY what she was doing!

K. Martinez said...

The taller girl appears to be sporting an "Annette" hairdo.

Always liked the candy-striped lampposts on the perimeter of the Mad Tea Party. Come to think of it, the Dumbo arms have stripes too! Even the Skyway tower has alternating colors like stripes and the Mad Tea Party with its red and yellow "striped?" platform. Back then Fantasyland was just loaded with stripes and color. Extra nice set today. Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic!, That lady has 'tude written all over her face.

Unknown said...

It looks like the photo-bomber at least got the memo regarding all guests having to wear blue plaid outfits that day. I like, too, the amount of ivy present on the walls of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Some day I'll do my photo research project of documenting the rise and fall of ivy coverage on the Castle.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nancy, you need to get over your porkophobia! That smelly boy might be their brother, but he doesn’t show up in any other photos from this lot. I guess the girls were the favorites.

TokyoMagic!, you’re right. LET’S GET HER!

K. Martinez, that girl’s hair is definitely “of the era”. It makes me think of Patty Duke or something similar. I agree with you, those candy stripes were colorful and pleasing to the eye, and added a lot to the charm of Fantasyland.

Patrick Devlin, I hope that you are wearing blue plaid as well. I look forward to your controversial expose on the castle ivy! Seriously, that’s the sort of thing I always want to do, but am way too lazy.

outsidetheberm said...

Ride the Mad Gravy Boats! You'd make a mint on that poster, David! Grab your paint.