Monday, October 05, 2015

Vintage Black and White - 1955-ish

Here are two fun, early scans from large-format negatives! Let's start with this interesting photo of one of the Horse Drawn Streetcars resting somewhere backstage under a very humble structure; does anybody know where this location is? Of course my favorite detail is the two ladies in their Main Street cast member garb, probably eating lunch on the front seat. That's what I would want to do!

The next image, featuring the wonderful C.K. Holliday locomotive, is supposedly from 1955, though there is no proof; however, I do believe that it is very early, and you can see some red, white and blue bunting on the side of the freight car - possibly left over from opening day. 


Nanook said...


Sepia-toned images from Disneyland. Who can argue with that-? The horse drawn streetcar seems to be wheelless, at the moment.

Thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

Streetcar storage area is behind City Hall.

K. Martinez said...

The second image is gorgeous! I love b&w photography because it brings out the structural detail whether natural or manmade. Judging from the position of the eucalyptus trees, I'm going to guess the C.K. Holliday has left the Main Street Station and is traveling along the outskirts of Adventureland.

Wonderful images today! Thanks, Major.

Matthew said...

Agree with Anonymous who stated the Streetcar (my favorite attraction in all of Disneyland) is in the storage "barn" (covering) behind City Hall/Main Street. What's funny is back in my day the Carnation Ice-Cream Cast Members would take breaks sitting in either the streetcar or a Jungle Cruise boat (in boat storage... literally right out their back door).

Love these two photos!!!

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Melissa said...


Oh, Mavis, I just don't know how you manage it. Three inches of apron ruffle, and it's just as crisp and jaunty as I don't know what. Land sakes, it's just like Rosie Miller's ribbon candy, and she takes first prize every year at the county fair, first prize! Well, I do declare, take a gander at me; I can barely manage one inch of ruffle. One silly-billy inch, and I'm up all night with the iron and the spinkler and the crimper and Granny Lodosia's special starch recipe that came down to her from the Sharpsteen side, you know, it's just a tablespoon of cornstarch, four cups of boiling water - no - little less'n four, and then about a quarter cup of ICE COLD WATER for the end, that's the important part, ICE COLD water, but not ice, you see, that'd ruin it, and just a little lemon juice. Granny Lodosia used to put essence of mint oil in hers, but that's on account of she kept cats, and we'll say no more. And in this heat and humidity! And still my ruffles droop like last night’s corsage! Three inches, and won’t you just look at those ruffles of yours standing to attention like the Major and Judge Hanley was walkin' by! You simply must tell me your secret; confide in your Edith, do! How do you keep your ruffles so crisp, how do you keep your ruffles so crisp, how do you keep your ruffles so crisp?

*drags on cigarette* Well, for one thing, I don’t spend half my lunch break flat on my back behind the maintenance shed with the Jungle Cruse skippers.


Nanook said...

@ Melissa-

I believe Mavis was what we used to call a "good girl". Now, that Edith, on the other hand..... Goodness-!

Steve DeGaetano said...

The second photo is from at least 1956, when the slats that made up the sides of the cattle car were removed, and benches installed.

Steve DeGaetano said...

"I'm going to guess the C.K. Holliday has left the Main Street Station and is traveling along the outskirts of Adventureland."

I don't know, K. Martinez, it might be a little further along. The fireman is ringing the bell--which is only done coming into stations or approaching grade crossings. Maybe the train just beginning its approach to Frontierland Station?

K. Martinez said...

Steve DeGaetano, When it comes to trains and the Disneyland Railroad you are the man! I'm truly amazed at the little details you pick up on. I would never have seen that. Thanks!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, these were actually printed with cuttlefish ink! Because I care.

Anonymous, I assume that the storage is a little fancier nowadays?

K. Martinez, yes… I imagine somebody was walking through the parking lot when the train happened to pass by. Quick! Get the camera!

Matthew, you might be the only person I’ve ever known to say that the Streetcar is their favorite attraction! If I could, I would definitely take my lunch break in a Jungle Cruise boat… how cool would that be? An empty Streetcar would be good too.

Melissa, your “conversation” makes me think of Bugs Bunny when he is dressed as a beautician, tending to Gosammer. “My stars! Where did you ever get that awful hairdo? It doesn’t become you at all. Yeh, for goodness sakes, let me fix it up; look how stringy and messy it is! Shame… such an interesting monster, too!”. Love that cartoon. Also, good to know about how much cornstarch to use!

Nanook, what I need to know is… do you pronounce “Mavis” as “Mah-vis”, or “May-vis”? I’ve heard both.

Steve DeGaetano, thanks! As you could tell, I was not entirely sold on it being from ’55.

Steve DeGaetano, sometimes they just rang the bell because it felt good.

K. Martinez, who even knew the train had a bell? ;-)

Phantomwise said...

I believe the streetcar image is from behind City Hall. There's a /very/ similar structure there today; it could be the same, but I doubt it. It's a little more closed off now though. No one's allowed to have lunch on a streetcar nowadays!