Friday, October 23, 2015

Rescan Theater

I'm still in the process of rescanning some old red/pink slides in the hopes that a new scanner and improved Photoshop skills will yield better results. Sometimes the improvement is not very noticeable (I'm not sure if I will even bother to post those), but I have also had some that turned out very nice!

Some of you may remember this photo of the Astro Jets from 1959 (originally posted in September, 2006). It's not terrible, but there is still a lot of magenta remaining, and everything looks generally kind of murky and dark.

Here is the rescan & restoration. I think it looks a lot better! The sky is actually blue, and the shadows haven't gone so black. I was very happy with the way this one looks.

Here's another one (from 1961 - originally posted August, 2007) that looks like it was taken on the smoggiest day ever. There's just a lot of yellow and brownish yuck all over.

And here's take two. It's still a little bit funky in places, but I think it's a big improvement. Once again we have the Astro Jets, along with the Flight Circle, the Rocket to the Moon, and in the distance, some yellow and white construction walls for the Flying Saucers, which would open in August of 1961.

Are you guys enjoying seeing these? Or are they a snooze? Let me know!


Nanook said...


Is Rescan Theater like the old Newsreel Theatres-?? Love the new-and-improved images.

Graffer said...

We wants the rescans!

TokyoMagic! said...

I agree with Nanook and Graffer! These are both pretty swell! Is that Nixon and his family up on the Monorail platform?

Pegleg Pete said...

I'm certainly enjoying the rescans, Major. Thanks for the effort!

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Great rescans major. I'm too young to have first hand knowledge of the skies of so cal in the 50's but by the 1970's I'd say your first scans (although not as pretty) are spot on. The smog is a lot better these days thanks to AQMD and un-leaded gasoline.

Those jets have logged a lot of spins in the last 60 years. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying them! These ’50’s Tomorrowland pictures remind me of the ’70’s Tomorrowland at Disney World with which I grew up and which I remember liked SOOO much better than the black and gold Jules Verne re-do of the 90’s. (I much prefer the white and aqua “Logan’s Run” / “The Jetsons” look of old. That WHITE look will always be “the future” to me!

Steve DeGaetano said...

I like the re-scans! They more accurately reflects how the scenes really looked.

Chuck said...

I'm loving these. Hopefully, the re-scans are saving a few images from the trash cans.

Melissa said...

Wow, what a difference! Your new scanner & skills are quite impressive.

Noticing how much better you can see the wrinkles in Foreground Lady's blue skirt in the new scan (not that there's anything wrong with that - looking rumpled during and after a day at Disneyland is a sign that you're doing it right and having a good time!) reminds me of having eye surgery years ago, coming home, and noticing how grubby my house had gotten while my eyesight had been getting bad!

K. Martinez said...

zzzzzzzzzzz Oh! excuse me! I dozed off there for a minute.

Yes, Major! I'll repeat what Graffer said. We wants the rescans!

Brad Abbott said...

I know there's an echo, but as everyone else has said, keep the re-scans coming! Many of these were amazing the first time around, and now they've somehow gotten even better. Plus, it's kind of fun comparing the two images, and seeing the difference a few years of technology can make.

Anonymous said...

"Show us yer larboard side, dearie."

"We wants the re-scans,We wants the re-scans."


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, “Newsreel Theatres”? Were there theatres (British spelling?) that just showed newsreels?

Graffer, okey dokey!

TokyoMagic!, the best thing is that it keeps me going for a little bit longer. Let’s be honest! Yes, that is definitely Mojo Nixon on the Monorail platform.

Pegleg Pete, thanks!

Alonzo P Hawk, I used to drive an old Buick that took leaded gasoline, I finally got rid of it because I felt so guilty driving it. Which is lucky because you can’t even get the stuff anymore.

Anon, you are so right, the white Tomorrowland (although it actually does have a lot of color) is so clean and optimistic. I love it.

Steve DeGaetano, I do try to at least make them look a little more naturalistic. Sometimes it doesn’t work as well (like the second photo).

Chuck, it definitely has saved a bunch of slides, and I need to go through many more.

Melissa, that poor lady, little did she know that people would be looking at her wrinkled skirt over 50 years later. Eye surgery, aaaaaaaa! My mom needs cataract surgery, it’ll probably be the same for her.

K. Martinez, dozing is OK, I do it all the time, mostly while driving.

Brad Abbott, thanks for the nice words, when I have time I definitely want to redo more old slides.

JG, aye aye, matey!