Monday, October 12, 2015

Rediscovered Treasures

Here are two more rediscovered slides, rescued from the ol' reject bin thanks to unicorns and my new scanner. But mostly unicorns.

Like this view of Storybook Land as seen from the Skyway; I did a search on Google (and elsewhere), and I'll be damned if I can find this exact photo. Maybe you can! But I am operating on the assumption that this is the first time we've seen it. Those scrawny trees probably didn't last long - were they removed when the Alice in Wonderland attraction was added in 1958? I always get a kick out of seeing the backstage area beyond the berm.

Zooming in to the right... what do you think those boys are so excited to see? Many of the rides that come to mind were not yet there in '56.

Based on the picture-book style billboard near Monstro, I think it is safe to assume that this is from 1956. 

After another Google search, I found similar photos taken from nearly the same angle, but not this exact image. The slide was undated, but I believe that it is from 1959. The Columbia is in Fowler's Harbor (it spends a lot of time there), with one Keel Boat to the left of it, and another docked (?) at Tom Sawyer Island. In the foreground, guests line up on a dock next to the Chicken Plantation, awaiting a raft that will ferry them over to the island.

Stay tuned for more rediscovered treasures!


Nanook said...


I suspect those lads are running towards (one of the) Autopia's. Or maybe the Mickey Mouse Club Circus...

Thanks, Major, for pulling these images back from the dead.

TokyoMagic! said...

I think there might be someone standing on the tracks of Casey Jr. and watering the new Storybook Land plants. It also looks like Monstro might be spewing water from his blowhole.

Pegleg Pete said...

These are some great views, Major. Many thanks to you (and the unicorns, or course) for unrejecting them!

K. Martinez said...

The Frontierland image is a beauty. Nice composition and color, almost like a dream. It makes me long for the Disneyland of yesteryear. Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

I think those boys are running to catch the train to Tomorrowland. They need'nt hurry - the Tomorrowland station won't be built until 1958.

Melissa said...

The boys are running because that lassie in the blue skirt and bobby sox clearlyly has an advanced case of Girl Cooties, and they're taking all the sensible precautions.

I can't get enough of those oval benches that look like glossy pastel coffee tables. They would fit right into the modern Tomorrowland design and should be brought back forthwith and posthaste.

That's a fine angle on our noble friend Monstro there. He's looking absolutely magnificent.

Anonymous said...

Major, that view is wonderful and rare. Not sure from where it would have been taken in 1956, the angle looks like a Skyway vantage, but that wasn't there at that time; possibly a monorail view, but same deal.

Anyhow, the seating area roughly corresponds to the location of the Mad Tea Party today. Some of the paving was later removed to enlarge a planter and make shade for the picnic tables.

This spot is kind of a "dead zone" or "blind spot" in many photos, people are focusing on the scenes beyond and never tip the camera to include it.

Thank you very much.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, the MMC Circus would have been gone by the time the Skyway was around… I was thinking that an Autopia might make sense. In fact I just looked, and the Junior Autopia opened in July of 1956, so I think we have a winner.

TokyoMagic!, I believe you are correct on both counts! I don’t think I have many photos in which you can actually see Monstro spouting.

Pegleg Pete, you are very welcome!

K. Martinez, I agree, I really like that one, and am amazed that I somehow never posted it before.

Chuck, they were going to jump aboard the moving train like bunch of hobos.

Melissa, cooties are no laughing matter, and I would certainly run in the other direction too! I love the oval benches… maybe you recall that they have fake wood grain sculpted into them.

JG, the Skyway opened in June of 1956, so these must have been taken from at least that time. I am glad that you liked that view; I have such a bad sense of where things used to be in relation to the things that are there now; it’s weird to think that the teacups are in that spot (roughly).

nick said...

My first thought was that the kids are running toward the MMC CIRCUS GROUNDS. That was my second and third thought also.

nick said...

Major Pepperidge, I have seen photos of the circus grounds that were obviously taken from the Skyway. Remember, there were two circuses. The second season may not have been specifically MMC, but Keller's Killers were definitely there.