Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Even More from Huck!

We're getting down to the last of the fun cast member photos (circa 1979) that our pal Huck Caton has been sharing with us - there's one more post after today's!

This first one feature's Huck's then-girlfriend Diane; he labeled this photo, "Diane and the rodents"!

Next we get another photo with the Fab Five and the whole Bell crew.

This one shows Diane and another Bell employee in front of America the Beautiful. Huck says, "You can see all the other Bell people waiting their turn, reflected in the glass! (I have no idea why that cat has his hand in Donald's mouth. Whoa!)".

PS: Peoplemover alert!

Here's is Diane and another girl working at the theater exit / Phone Center position.

MANY thanks as always to Huck for taking the time to scan his personal photos and share his memories. These are so much fun!


Nanook said...

Ahhh... "A replica" of a Phone Center Store - right there in Tomorrowland-! Yes, when you leave the Magic Kingdom, just head on over to a Phone Center Store where you can purchase all sorts of phone goodies to add to your "land line" phone system. No need to "lease" your phone instruments from Ma Bell any more.

And it certainly looks like everyone is having a lot of fun in those pictures.

Thanks again, Huck, for sharing these good times.

TokyoMagic! said...

I remember at some point (maybe the early 1980's?), they started playing the "Reach Out, Reach Out and Touch Someone....." song as the exit doors to the Circle-Vision Theater would open and dump guests into the phone store exhibit space. I also remember the Mickey Mouse phone and the Winnie the Pooh phone being on display in that area.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, it was an early form of "exiting through the gift shop"!

TokyoMagic!, I think that the "Reach Out and Touch Someone" slogan wouldn't fly today! I wonder if Johnny Carson ever made jokes about it? If I close my eyes I can almost picture him doing so.

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, I think Johnny Carson did make jokes about it....and maybe other comedians did as well. You are right, that slogan wouldn't fly today (it sounds a little creepy now). Plus it isn't really needed since we are all so connected today. Remember when we were charged to call someone long distance?

Nanook said...

@ TokyoMagic!-

Perhaps only the following can surpass the Bell System's former name. And those would be, first - when LA Cellular decided a name change was in order, and thought 'Air Touch' better described their service. And my current personal favorite: 'Sierra Mist'.

Am I the only one who thinks both of these ill-chosen names would be more at home in the feminine hygiene products aisle of some pharmacy-? Sierra Mist - It's the first feminine hygiene spray in a can-! (Okay, it's just me... )

Dean Finder said...

I remember going to the local Phone Center store with that style of sign back in the 1980s. We had a Trimline leased from the phone company, and had to exchange the whole thing whenever the cord broke.