Sunday, September 06, 2015

Unrejected Instamatics!

I'm getting down to the bottom of the barrel of my scans of vintage Instamatic negatives (given to me by my friend "Mr. X"). There are still some beauties remaining (which I will be doling out in future posts), but there are six or seven images that I very nearly deleted due to various problems. However, I couldn't bring myself to trash them. SO... here they are, lovably flawed, like so many of the best things in life.

Knowing of Mr. X's love of the Disneyland Railroad, I can only assume that he wanted to capture the sight of the passenger train as it waited at Frontierland Station. Unfortunately it's a bit blurry, and a bit askew; but I love seeing the Columbia and the Old Mill, not to mention the construction walls (decorated with attraction posters) for New Orleans Square. 

This view of Main Street Station gets some points for being taken from one of the Horse Drawn Streetcars, but there's not much else to love about it. You can see that it is late afternoon; it won't be long until all of the lights on Main Street are turned on. The Santa Fe sign over the doorway is neat.

This one really was in danger of being rejected! But I suppose it is still kind of interesting, by virtue of being unlike most photos of the Monorail. The sky is violet, and the lamps have been lit. I need to look at other vintage photos of the area, because I'm not entirely sure what sign is being supported on those metal legs. Any ideas?

There are still a few unrejected Instamatics to come.


TokyoMagic! said...

I am going to guess that the last one was taken next to the entrance to the Fantasyland Autopia. There would be another Monorail beam directly above us, or just behind us going over the FL Autopia queue. We are looking west towards the part of the Monorail beam that goes through Fantasyland, just before it passes the Matterhorn. I believe that the trees to the left are the ones in front of the Matterhorn queue. The Motor Boat Cruise would be to our right and I think what we are seeing beyond the Monorail Beam is the Midget Autopia. But I could be wrong.

Nanook said...


"Lovably flawed". Yeah - I think that's the consensus when it comes to a description of me. (I'll just keep the actual flaws a secret, however).

Ya know - I kinda dig the second image, with the roof of a Horse Drawn Streetcar framing the top of the picture, including the wrought iron, dual corner border filigree.

And as for the location of the third image, TokyoMagic!'s guess is as good as any.

Thanks, Major for Unrejecting more great images.

Pegleg Pete said...

I for one like the 'moodiness' of the last two photos. TokyoMagic! certainly seems to be right about the location of that third image. You can see the front of the sign in this Daveland photograph:

Nancy said...

I like how the first view reveals sort of a hidden feature; without the train passing by, at this distance one would not know that it was even there (well, the general populace wouldnt, but of course, all the Disneyland experts here would lol!) I dont mind the blurriness, which makes me think it might have been hot outside for some reason. Real summertime weather.

The second view is really nice, something I would take. I love how the sunshine is reflected in the curly-qs of the decorations. my favorite part, tho, is that no one else was sitting next to him when the snap was made!! the soft colors of the station are very pretty as well.

Monorail Blue....say no more!!!!! The purple sky as the background makes it extra blue.....

Thanks for not overlooking these great views today!! :-) Happy Sunday, everyone!

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, that sounds like a pretty educated “guess”!! Thank you for the detailed description of the location of that third photo.

Nanook, unrejected images are fun sometimes! Better yet, I just went through a box of slides that I had scanned three or four years ago, and started picking out images that I believe (but am not 100 percent certain about) were never used on the blog. Some of them are pretty nice! To the point where I wonder why I didn’t use them originally.

Pegleg Pete, thank you for the link; even though I was aware of that sign, I never really noticed that it was triangular - but you can see that it is in Daveland’s photo.

Nancy, some of these were unrejected thanks to my new scanner; they were super dusty and scratched, but the scanner has software that can automatically fix them; otherwise I would have had to spend hours doing it myself, little by little. I’m glad that you enjoyed these!