Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fantasyland Characters, August 1961

I see giant Disney characters everywhere I go, but they are most commonly seen at Disneyland. I am old school, and always get the a kick out of seeing any of the true classic characters.

Goofy is receiving lots of attention from ardent fans - it isn't easy being such a big star. The Goof is standing in front of the Mickey Mouse Club Theater, which is air-conditioned. Sometimes that's all I really need!  

Meanwhile, Happy has ditched the other six dwarfs for a taste of sweet, sweet freedom. In spite of his trying-too-hard smile, he is weary of being bossed around by Doc and/or Grumpy! Maybe he could get his own cottage in the woods, start eating healthy, and maybe do some tai chi. In this photo, he is daring to dream that he could ride King Arthur's Carrousel if he wanted to. 


TokyoMagic! said...

That's strange...I've never noticed the metalwork in front of the Fantasyland Theater that holds the round shield with Mickey's face on it!

K. Martinez said...

I sure hope the King Arthur Carrousel is not running while Happy is cavorting around it. Very risky. I operated the Looff Carousel at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk for several summers and it can be very dangerous if something goes wrong like Happy tripping or getting tangled in the carousel. Especially if the cast member's view is obstructed by the character head. You can push the button to stop the carousel, but it takes a little time for it to come to a complete stop.

Both images are pretty cool. I love any photo with the classic Disney characters in it. Thanks, Major.

Nancy said...

Both great views today! I love how the skimpy pine trees (which we have seen many times here and elsewhere) suddenly made me think of Bob Ross and his painting show on PBS. :-)

Also I am a fan of signs, having made it a mission to take pictures of every attraction and shop sign both here and at WDW, even making lists of the ones I need before taking a trip. Love this one from the side angle. Gave me a great idea for new ways to take them. :-)

Interesting comment from K. Martinez on the carousel picture. Never thought about something like this.

Melissa said...

Go home, Happy! You're drunk!

Melissa said...

@K Martinez - Yeah, my mother saw someone killed that way on a fair ground when she was a kid. All the while we were growing up, she had to turn her back and not watch when we kids rode the carousel. She had to walk out on the movie strangers on a train.

Matthew said...

@K Martinez & @Melissa - YIKES! That was my first thought too... is the carousel operating? But then I noticed the gentleman in the front right of the photo buckling his safety strap so my guess, is this is "Happy the Safety Officer" assisting the Cast Member(s) operating the carousel that day. Now that's a Happy Ending!

@K Martinez - Interesting about your working the carousel at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, before working at Disneyland I did a brief stint at Knott's and had the pleasure of being trained to work their carousel in Fiesta Village (poor casting as I'm blond and blue eyed). I remember being trained the same way you described (be very cautious of a moving carousel). Two things I remember clearly is to lean back when you step onto a moving carousel and the Knott's version had a breaking system (large lever that you would pull back on) - but again, it would take time to slow to a stop.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, I don’t think I had ever noticed the ironwork either… the side view makes it more noticeable.

K. Martinez, I thought the same thing! Have you ever seen Hitchcock’s “Strangers On a Train”? It has an excitiing carousel scene at the end.

Nancy, wow, have you really been taking pictures of all of the attractions and shop signs? If so, you need to start sharing them.

Melissa, why should he go home when the party has just started?

Melissa again, hey, another “Strangers on a Train” reference. I can’t imagine seeing somebody get killed.

Matthew, Happy was the inspector. You don’t want to turn his frown upside-down. I never realized that carousels were so dangerous. They seem so slow and innocuous. You leaned back when stepping on to a moving carousel? I’m trying to picture how that would help, and it’s not coming to me.

Snow White Archive said...

He's definitely has had one too many to drink and is eyeballing that thing. Those rosy cheeks aren't from being "bashful". Cut him off. ;)