Monday, September 07, 2015

Town Square 1960 Rescan

I may have already mentioned that I finally got a new scanner (who has time to remember such things?). After a day of doing my part to build a better America, I went through an old box of previously-scanned slides to see if any of them looked like they might be improved with a new scan. In my opinion, the answer was "yes".

Here's a scan from a photo from the 1950s; it had turned very pink; my first attempt at color-correction (from 2006) was OK... some of the blues and yellows came back a bit, but there was still some overall pink tones, and the contrast was off.

So... here is my attempt at a rescan with new corrections. Same dpi (2400) - it's still not "perfect" but it does look crisper, and you'd hardly know that the original was so very pink. Looking at it as I write this, I still think it could do with a bit more "brightening", but I don't want to overdo it... I want to preserve as much detail  in the light areas as I can. While the new scanner's software is nice, I know that my Photoshop skills have improved a lot since 2006, as well. (Is this too much "inside baseball"?)

The details in the photo are fun, particularly this bouquet of lovely young ladies in their dresses. And the Bekins wagon is cool too.

I'm sure I've seen it before, but I sure didn't recall this horse's head on the fa├žade.

I thought I was done, but then I noticed that the window of the apartment above the Firehouse was open... I can't help thinking Walt Disney was up there at that very moment, perhaps enjoying a bowl of chili! Out of all of my Firehouse slides, I have only one other that shows that window open. 

It also appears that the bell overhead is being rung, probably by some freckle-faced Quasimodo down below - I'll bet that racket got old in a hurry.

I hope you enjoyed today's rescan!


Nanook said...


I think rescan Monday is a hit-! The subtle changes are a definite improvement - definitely in the sharpness department, fer sure. And as far as the clairvoyant tribute to The Godfather is concerned, I can honestly say I can't remember ever noticing the equine bust guarding over the entrance to the "Parcel Check Room".

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

I don't think I've ever noticed how high that hill is on the other side of the Firehouse. I'm guessing that today the view of it is blocked by the trees and shrubs that are growing on it.

Did Walt eat his chili out of a hollowed out loaf of sourdough bread?

Kenneth Lane said...

Rescan Monday works for me! Nice clarity in the redone version. Anyone have any idea how long that horse's head remained on that building?

"When you're ready for your chili, Walt, just ring the bell."

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I have some other rescans in which the differences are more dramatic; it has been kind of fun to try to restore these faded images and bring them back to their former glory.

TokyoMagic!, that hill is another example of the impressive earth moving that was done when the park was carved out of those flat orchards. And Walt ate his chili straight out the can like a hobo.

Kenneth Lane, Bekins was a sponsor from 1955 to 1963 (Global Van Lines took over in ’63); I can only assume that the horse head remained as long as Bekins was there. Perhaps not, though.

Dean Finder said...

The world of that picture is so far removed from today that my first impression of those 5 girls were cast members on their way to a show.

Melissa said...

Wow, love all the new detail!

Nanook said...

@ Dean Finder-

You hit the nail on the head. Big skirts definitely seemed to be the thing for many gals back then and were often on-display at DL.

Major Pepperidge said...

Dean Finder, it really does feel like a scene out of a movie.

Melissa, yes, this one in particular had some great details!

Nanook, what’s unusual is that, generally, by 1960 you see many women wearing pants rather than skirts. At least that has been my impression over years of looking at vintage photos.