Monday, June 01, 2015

More Snapshots from August, 1969

Today I am continuing with some snapshots from 1968!

Our photographer stood on the steps of Main Street Station for a nice elevated view of Town Square; it's more of a triangle than a square, but I will forgive them. Crowds are light, in spite of the fact that it is summertime (notice the 4th of July bunting). The trees in Town Square are pretty, but they are starting to overwhelm; you can hardly see the castle. Notice the group of folks waving to us - they are our stars! 

Hey, there they are again! Or else they have dopplegangers. And we all know how painful that can be. This angle gives us a good look at the Hills Bros. Coffee House; the shops to our right are the Mad Hatter, and the Wonderland Music Store. 


Chuck said...

Hey, you two in the first photo - yes, YOU - TUCK YOUR SHIRT IN! And while you're at it, you probably need a haircut. No, it can't wait until they open a barbershop on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom in three years.

The kids these days...DON'T YOU ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME, YOUNG MAN!

K. Martinez said...

Disneyland in August. Hot and crowded comes to mind. Mid-June seems best nowadays, warm but not yet hot. And everything is going full blast. The crowds are easier to deal with on blackout days too.

Nice photos of Town Triangle. Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chuck, don’t you know that tucking in your shirt is for nerds? Those guys are badasses. They probably smoke cigarettes and listen to Zeppelin, too.

K. Martinez, the last time I visited the park in August is when the Rocket Rods were still around. I would have to say that it was my least-favorite park visit ever! If I recall correctly, we managed to do four attractions all day.

Matthew said...

Hey, Ho, Wait just a cotton pick'n minute. Take a look at that second photo... I could be wrong but is that fella in the gold shirt with the black socks wearing a... say it with me... lederhosen?

Great post... and yeah, those kids are on their way to the Tobacco store... ain't no doubt about it.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Anonymous said...

Major...your heading says August 1969 but the discussion says 1968. Looks like 1968 because August 1969 was crowded with guests due to the opening of the Mansion. Always a treat to see my old home...Hills Bros. Started there in '69.

Anonymous said...

And now I pull up the picture to find it's from August 1968. I can see the waitresses in their red outfits in the background. The memories all come back.
Thanks Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Matthew, I had to zoom way in, because it DOES look like lederhosen. Was there some weird "Sound of Music" lederhosen fad in the late 60's?? But I believe it is just a strap and a camera. Unfortunately! Life is much more interesting with weird clothes.

KS, you are right; for some reason, my fingers always want to type "1969"; I even made the error in the file name. What can I say!

KS again, thanks for pointing out the waitresses!

Anonymous said...

The last guest in lederhosen turned out to be a Fantasyland Skyway CM. What fun that must have been!

So nice to see the HB coffee garden, this was about the time that I was set free to do my own thing while Mom and Dad lingered over their coffee at one of those open tables.

It was about that time that I figured out that they had a life together before me, and were occasionally relieved at my absence...

Thanks Major for helping me relive another good memory.


Nanook said...


Those "two dudes" with their shirttails hanging out speaks volumes as to the way guys dressed back then - proper, or no. I could easily be one of them. (In fact, just yesterday, I proudly wore a shirt with the shirttail flowing in the breeze for all to see). That'll show all those nay-saying 'fashion police'-!

Nancy said...

took me a few visits to learn that you dont want your people to necessarily stand next to the object you want to photograph. oh well, at least I figured it out sooner than later (which was on about the fourth visit of 19 vacations so far)

Chuck said...

The irony here for me is those young men in that first photo...have to be older than me. I wasn't quite out of the oven yet when this photo was taken.

Major Pepperidge said...

JG, yes, that was a fun factoid! Wow, what a great memory of being allowed to roam free while your parents relaxed at the coffee garden. Win-win! Thanks for the great comment.

Nanook, I admit, I am not much for tucking in my shirt, unless I am dressing up! Especially at Disneyland, when I want to be comfortable. Fashion police can say whatever they want!

Nancy, I don’t know, at some point I think I decided that the people were at least as iimportant as the place when it came to personal photos. The ones I took in Europe when I was young have very few people in them, and they are boring!

Chuck, I am guessing that those guys are perhaps seniors in high school (roughly), so if they were 17 in 1969, that would make them around 64 today. Photos are time machines!

Melissa said...

I'm always a little creeped out when people wave at me from the past.