Saturday, June 13, 2015

Canal Street, New Orleans, October 1960

Say, did you know that New Orleans was a real place? There's no pirate ride, though I am pretty sure that there are some haunted houses (possibly even a mansion or two). You would think that more people would know about it!

I will be sharing a series of photos (in no particular order) from New Orleans, circa 1960. Rather than showing the usual Bourbon Street area, these pictures were all taken along a stretch of Canal Street, which is a major thoroughfare that is the boundary between the old part of the city (the French Quarter) and the newer Central Business District.

This first view is at the intersection of Canal and North Rampart Street, looking north on Rampart. 

In this next view, we've moved just a bit westward (but are looking east); I love that the historic Saenger Theater is showing Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" ("The Picture You Must See From the Beginning"). The Saenger is still there, though its appearance is quite changed. Next door is a Woolworth's department store (as far as I can tell, this building is empty today), and right in the middle of the street runs one of the wonderful trolleys, which are, happily, still operating!

I couldn't quite place exactly where this was, though I had some guesses. Still, I just love old city views. I am ashamed to confess that today's blog is a "quickie post", so I didn't spend as much time as I might like to research it.

Whoo-eee! It's a traffic jam on Canal. But we don't mind, because the cars are so cool. And hey, more  trollies! This one is near the corner of Dauphine Street, and the somewhat-ornate building with the French banners is still there today, though it has been modernized just a little.

We we are at the corner of Elk Place (as you can see), looking west toward the Texaco building. And hey - don't be a litter bug. Sound advice for us all.

I can't promise, but I will try to do a more thorough post next Saturday!!


Nanook said...


Rubenstein's is still going strong.

Thanks for posting these great images of The Big Easy..

TokyoMagic! said...

The jewelers in that third pic have a very blue diamond on their sign...just like Disney placed on all of the lamppost banners on Main Street for the park's diamond anniversary.

Melissa said...

Hey, everybody! Let's get jacked up on Old Crow and go buy some reasonably-priced school shoes!

Seriously, though, these are absolutely gorgeous pictures. I love all the old cars, and I wish I could identify them.

K. Martinez said...

New Orleans is like San Francisco, where you know you're someplace special. And when it comes to urban photos, the 1950's and 60's are the coolest. It's also when the signage and marquees were the best. At least that's what I think.

I remember Canal Street. My first visit to New Orleans was in 1978 on my way to Walt Disney World on a Greyhound Bus with a one-month pass and several books of American Express checks in hand. Oh, to be young and adventurous without a care in the world.

Nanook said...

@ Melissa-

Oh, those 'old cars'...

Image 1 - shows a lovely green/white 1957 Chevrolet heading over to Rubensteins, while a 1950's-something Chevrolet truck is heading away.

Image 2 - is sporting a 1960 or very new 1961 Ford Falcon left idling while its owner is being scared out of his/her wits watching Psycho.

Image 3 - has a trio of Chevrolets - a 1953, a 1956, decked-out in Army green, and a 1950-something Ford panel truck, ALL evidently passing-up an opportunity to procure "school shoes at big savings".

image 4 - features a green/white 1956 Oldsmobile (most-likely a Holiday sedan), a 1958 green-on-green Pontiac Chieftan, then a 1957 Ford, and finally a white/red 1955 Pontiac. The Yellow Cab appears to be a 1956 Plymouth.

And finally, from R to L - a 1957 (perhaps a '58) Plymouth; behind it a 1958 Pontiac; moving left, a 1953 or '54 green Ford; then a 1955 (maybe a '54) white/green Oldsmobile; then a black, 1948-53 Chevrolet truck; and finally on the far left, a 1959 bronze Pontiac.

Nanook said...

Whoops - I left out the last Chevy in Image 3. I think it was another 1957 - I'm on my smart phone and can't blow-up the image to determine with absolute certainty.

Nanook said...

Nah - more than likely a 1955 Chevy.

K. Martinez said...

Nanook, when it comes to identifying the old cars, you are the man! It's that lovely green/white 1957 Chevrolet heading over to Rubensteins in image 1 that I was interested in. Thanks!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, Rubenstein’s managed to keep going, but Woolworth’s bit the dust!

TokyoMagic!, there is nothing classier than a big plastic blue diamond.

Melissa, somehow you left out the part about getting a regrettable tattoo!

K. Martinez, wait a minute, are you saying that you went to WDW for a MONTH?

Nanook, I was pretty sure that you would chime in about the cars! I still don’t get how you “car guys” manage to hold all that info in your brains; but I respect it! That Plymouth in the last photo is pretty sweet.

K. Martinez, yes, the Chevy is definitely a beauty as well.

K. Martinez said...

Major, no, it was a one month pass for 30 days unlimited travel on Greyhound.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Nanook! My Mom's first car was a two-tone turquoise-and-white 1957 Chevy. She wanted white and baby blue, but Grandma would only cosign if she got the turquoise.

Anonymous said...

That does it, if there's no Pirate ride, I'm not going.

Cool Post Major.


Nancy said...

so nice!! I love seeing the old shops and all the cool neon. been to New Orleans twice for a visit to my cousin who lives there. i wish it had been like this! :-)

Unknown said...

The third picture faces the corner of Canal and Chartres. Regal Credit Jewelers was next door to Werlein's music store. On the right you see the Custom House, now the Audubon Insectarium. Werlein's on Canal closed about 1990 and survived in the suburbs until the last store closed in 2003. If you have any pictures of Werlein's, hope you can share them soon. Great pics, thanks!

Unknown said...