Thursday, January 22, 2015

Swiss Chalet, Fantasyland - August 1969

(Oops! I messed up my blogger dates, and actually had no post for today; fortunately I could just change the "publish" date on a post that I had ready for next week and post it today. My brain….)

The cheerful little Matterhorn chalet that can be found at the load area for the mountain bobsled ride has not changed very much over the years. As far as I know! How many buildings in Switzerland have bell towers on them, besides churches? Too many, that's how many! Ringing bells = avalanches, so I am against them (even though a lot of angels won't get their wings - tough luck, angels). I can almost hear accordions and yodeling as I look at these photos - because I bumped my head really hard.

You can see the track to our left where the bobsleds would splash down, which is super cool. We need more roller coasters that splash down. Originally Walt Disney wanted the bobsleds to actually slide down icy slopes, which turned out to be impractical (and probably super dangerous), but I wish they had figured out a way to make that work.


K. Martinez said...

Back in the early 1970's, it was the Matterhorn Bobsleds that we always headed to first thing in the morning right after park opening.

Great shot of the Matterhorn bell tower. I love the Matterhorn chalet and bullpen with its Swiss theming and seating diagrams overhead. Lots of memories of anticipating my turn on the bobsled run when I was a kid.

"To assist you in boarding your bobsled, we ask that you observe the seating diagram directly overhead".

The rock formation on that last bit of track just before the splashdown has certainly changed, with it's built up rockwork and railings. Things change!

Chuck said...

We rushed to the Matterhorn first thing on my kids' first visit to the Park, completely forgetting that the then-8-year-old is terrified of roller coasters. Not the best way to start your Disneyland Vacation.

Nanook said...


It is a wonderful image of the bell tower; quite unique, in fact. So... is it constructed out of real copper as the coloring/patina indicate, or yet another work of brilliance from Disney's Imagineers-?

Thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

I remember the great feeling of getting inside the chalet since that meant you were close to getting on, after that long, long wait in line.

I think that is copper up there. Copper is cheap enough and extremely durable. Not much reason to go for an imagineered solution when the real thing is easy to come by and install.

These little old buildings (including the old skyway chalet) were designed approximately the same time with a lot of similar detailing. Really little gems.


Unknown said...

"You are about to experience the thrill of a lifetime...An exciting ride down the icy slopes of the Mighty Matterhorn Mountain!"

That kind of spiel puts you right in the mood.

And I wonder if the water levels in the splash-down ponds have been lowered over the years. It seems like the splash is smaller than it once was,

Thnkas as always, Major.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Oh to stand in the (east side) Matterhorn line and see the mast of the Pirate ship over the trees. Those were the days Major. Thanks for the post. I first thought grandpa was so suave he willed a second day on GDB.