Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Pair From August, 1960

Sometimes I enjoy pictures of the people at Disneyland almost as much as the pictures of the park itself.   Gramps has his fedora tilted at a saucy angle, making him a cool customer. He has a "farmer's tan", just like my grandpa did. Grandma looks adoringly at him… it's fun to imagine what these  two looked like in their younger, wilder (?) days.

Monstro was captured in mid-blink, which makes it look as if he is yawning. Eating boats all day is tedious work. I like the way so many people have gravitated to the rocks, either to rest their weary feet, or to take a closer look at Monstro himself.


Graffer said...

Wilder days? Grandma is wishing Disney would hurry up and extend the Monorail line. She wants to get Gramps back to the hotel right now!

Unknown said...

Hey, there! What's Junior doing with his Penney's brand slacks hiked up around his knees? Going after some pirate coins that have drifted over from Skull Rock, perhaps. He's up to no good, that's for sure...

Nancy said...

Even tho Tomorrowland was the least completed land when Disneyland opened, this picture shows so much activity and is shiny-bright in the sunshine!

Monstro is also one "cool customer" you think he is life size??

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Gramps does have the Maurice Chevalier tilt to his hat doesn't he. His whole appearance screams "playa". Some gold chains and he would be fly. Grandma looks like a starstruck groupie.

I think with the unfinished lack luster look to tomorrowland they should have just parked gramps and his "how ya doin" gaze right at the entrance. He could lure people in till they added more attractions.

K. Martinez said...

I like people "watching" in the old vintage photos too! Love the family just underneath the TWA Moonliner. The women of the group seem to be engaged in conversation. What were they talking about? Where are they now? Great images! Thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

The planter area around Monstro has been enlarged more than once over the years.

The current configuration won't let you in where these people are fooling around.

I have a picture of Mom and myself in one of the boats taken by Dad, he must have been right where the man is leaning on the rock. You can't stand there now, it's all flowers.

I wonder what act of idiocy prompted the changes...


Major Pepperidge said...

Graffer, I don't understand, does Grandma need a nap? ;-)

Patrick, that's the way I am going to wear my pants from now on. That kid is a real trail blazer.

Nancy, Monstro is kind of like Doctor Who's Tardis… he looks larger on the inside. Remember in "Pinocchio", just how much room Geppetto and his raft had?

Alonzo, Grandpa is smiling, but I'll bet he didn't suffer fools gladly. And I like the look of that era's Tomorrowland!

K. Martinez, maybe the ladies had just been on the Rocket To The Moon attraction, or perhaps the Submarine Voyage? That would be something to talk about for sure.

JG, my guess is that if people could get that close to Monstro now, he would be covered in scratched graffiti. They had to protect that giant, fierce whale!