Thursday, January 15, 2015

Frontierland, January 1965

Here's another moody photo from a batch from January, 1965 (or, more likely from December 1964). I'm not sure I have any other pictures of the Mark Twain from this same angle… it looks very pretty and peaceful. The combination of soft-focus and sharp focus, as well as the lovely colors, makes this resemble a painting. As I've commented before, it is hard to believe that this scene is right in the middle of busy Orange County!

Here's how it looks when I spent 30 seconds in Photoshop applying the oil painting filter! Eat your heart out, Monet.

This next one was taken aboard a yellow Mine Train, just as it was about to get under way through the tunnel and into Nature's Wonderland. I'm so jealous of all those people! They'd better enjoy themselves, OR ELSE. The kid with the hat is pretty interested in the little town of Rainbow Ridge… the buildings are kid-sized, after all.


Alonzo P Hawk said...

The shot of the Twain is unique. A keeper for sure. The one of Rainbow Ridge is a beauty. I miss this ride alot.

When I ponder that collectors spend thousands on ride vehicles, signange and anything authentic from extinct attractions and they tore out most of this ride and put it in dumpsters. Ouch. Thank heavens they saved most of Rainbow Ridge and incorporated it in BTMRR. Great photos, thanks for posting.

K. Martinez said...

The trees seem the perfect height and size for the Mark Twain in today's image. The scene seems very natural looking. Even natural enough for an oil painting. I like it.

I know many consider Big Thunder Mountain Railroad a classic, but I'd take the Western Mine Train over it any day. Especially now that my aging body can't handle the thrills like it used to.

Alonzo - In addition, some of the cacti from the Nature's Wonderland living desert scene was put to re-use at Walt Disney World's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

Love that "you-are-there" feeling in the second pic.

The first one is exceptional. Even after seeing 10,000 views of the Mark Twain, that one really stands out.

Thanks Major.


Major Pepperidge said...

Alonzo, yes, I'll bet those dumpsters were full of amazing artifacts. It makes my brain hurt. I'll be curious to check out the re-vamped buildings the next time I ride BTMRR.

K. Martinez, I agree with you about Big Thunder. But my guess is that many people would find the Mine Train to be boring, these days. I miss it so much! Hey, I'd never heard that the cacti from NW were used in WDW… that's a cool "fun fact"!

JG, yep, that first one is a beauty!

Nancy said...

Beautiful job, Major. You are an arteest with that Photoshop :-)

I am so sorry I never got to see Rainbow Ridge in its glory days. When that time machine is ready, its on my list of stops to make!!