Monday, January 19, 2015

A Pair of Instamatics

Oh man, do I love this first vintage Instamatic! It's a gorgeous shot of Cascade Peak on a clear, sunny day; A Mine Train passes by (hooray!)… I miss that ride so much. And we even get a canoe full of explorers passing in the opposite direction. 

Just for fun I tried to do a "tilt-shift" version to see if it would look like a photo of a miniature model. It didn't work that great IMO… I think tilt-shifts generally work better when the original photo is taken from an elevated perspective.

This next one is nice too, featuring an Omnibus parked at the curb in front of Main Street Station. Everything is bathed in a sort of rosy hue, making the scene feel warm and nostalgic.


Unknown said...

Oh boy, do I like me some Nature's Wonderland! That picture shows something I think Disneyland needs more of: waterfalls! You just can't get enough of that wet stucco smell on a hot day...

And I think I just twigged to something old and kind of cool. The Omnibus shows its route on the signs as "Town Square, Main Street, Plaza, Fantasyland". Why no other lands? Well I'll bet that goes back to the earliest days with the Omnibus heading past the Plaza and rolling around to the backside of Fantasyland.

K. Martinez said...

Nice attraction interaction between the Western Mine Train and Indian War Canoes. I also like how the foliage frames the image. Thanks, Major.

Snow White Archive said...

Wow! Both great photos. Makes you want to go out on adventure in DL past. Your tilt-shift is not half bad either.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Wow these are great ins-tee-matics Major. Seeing those yellow rail cars passing Cascade Peak in all it's termite ridden glory is a sight for sore eyes. A food fight between canoe and train passengers is sure to erupt at any moment. Thanks for monday magic.

Major Pepperidge said...

Patrick Devlin, I really DO love waterfalls at Disneyland… the sound, the spray, the movement… in fact almost any water feature is a big plus for me. I am sure you are right about the Omnibus sign, which probably refers to the days when the Omnibus actually went all the way into Fantasyland. At some point I guess they figured that "In front of the castle" counted as Fantasyland.

K. Martinez, I like the foliage frame too! That "Mr. X" was a crafty fella.

Snow White Archive, I ALWAYS want to go on an adventure in Disneyland's past! The tilt-shift is OK, but I'm going to have to try it on another photos someday for better results.

Alonzo, Cascade Peak probably wasn't too termite-ridden at that point! Though I wonder when the water leaks started becoming a real problem.

Nancy said...

the tilt view has a cool 3D effect from this angle....i like it!

what i love, tho, are the beautiful soft yellows and greens on the Main Street picture....perfection!! :-)

i would like a Main Street vehicle Midgie of this one...did they do those back then?