Thursday, September 11, 2014

Oranges and Flowers, August 1960

Today's first image is probably not very interesting to most Disneyland fans. You have to be a super Disneyland nerd like your old pal Major Pepperidge! As you can see, a stylish (dapper?) blond lady is posing next to a fruit-laden orange tree - presumably one of the trees left over from when the property was a thriving orchard. If only some of those trees still survived. They could graft scions to some sturdy root stock and sell actual Disneyland orange trees to weirdos like me.

In the background is the Red Wagon Inn. I'd like to sit on the porch and enjoy my meal as the sun set and the lights of Main Street (and nearby Tomorrowland) are lit.

Earlier in the day, our photographer took this nice picture in the Hub, right where the "Partners" statue stands today. There are more flowers than you can shake a stick at, and Sleeping Beauty Castle, to boot. It sure is purdy!

Better take another one just in case.


Nanook said...


I guess the first 'pose' is clearly "hubba-hubba"-worthy. What can I say-? I certainly hope some arrant orange doesn't accidentally fall on our femme fatale, before she gets a chance to move on-!

Thanks, Major.

Steve DeGaetano said...

And I thought only kids liked to have their picture taken while balancing on the curb to look taller!

K. Martinez said...

Is that the orange tree that the little man 'Patrick Begorra' of Disneyland lived in?

JG said...

Mom had a straw "box" handbag almost exactly like that lady has.

I thought some of the original oranges still survived near this location, some in the surreal rock landscape around the Astro-Orbiter, maybe I'm hallucinating...


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, no orange would dare fall on that lovely lady!

Steve DeGaetano, maybe she was standing on the curb for composition reasons (so that her face would be framed by that dark opening behind her)? Just a guess, who knows.

K. Martinez, I have seen that book on ebay, but don't think I've ever seen it. Or have I? Maybe "Vintage Disneyland Tickets" scanned it. I'll have to check.

JG, maybe you're right. I thought I had heard that all of the orange trees were gone, but you know how the internet can be when it comes to accuracy.