Wednesday, September 03, 2014

More Leftuggies

Here is another selection of "Leftuggies" from my recently-scanned images. Just reheat 'n eat!

Gary Trudeau's "Doonesbury" debuted in October 1970, and that's the same month and year that this photo was taken. The still-relatively-new Mark III Monorail (looking pretty slick) shooshes around the Submarine lagoon - back when I first started collecting old Disneyland images, a slide like this would have made me so happy! But now I am jaded and my heart has shriveled to a black lump of beef jerky.

I always thought that Toad Hall was named for its owner, Thaddeus J. Toad. But it turns out that the manor is actually made (mostly) of toads and toad byproducts. Remember when that was a building craze? It's fallen out of favor here in the U.S., though you can still find the occasional structure made of toads in the U.K.

This Skyway view of the Alice in Wonderland attraction (from May of 1959) could use more Alice and less Skyway. The recent redesign of the outdoor portion of the track (based on videos that I've seen) is a very nice compromise… they've widened it, and it appears to be thicker, but it still retains the basic look that has been around for 56 years. Good job, guys!  

There will always be more leftuggies!


Nanook said...


I realize what qualifies as a 'leftuggies' is purely subjective, but these three should really move over to "the other side".

Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

Of all the monorails at Disneyland, past and current, the Mark III Monorail Gold was/is my favorite.

The second image qualifies as complete and toadal awesomeness. Actually, all three of these are quite nice.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Any shot of sub lagoon with Monorail and Sub is A-ok in my book.
#3 is a very nice skyway angle that shows the whole twisty track on Alice.
Speaking of jerky is there any truth to the rumor at Disney in Paris the jerkey is made from toad and toad byproducts?

MRaymond said...

This is my favorite version of the Monorail as well. I like the current version but I keep seeing Shamu when I look at it.
When did Alice reroute the cars indoors after the vine? Did they extend the castle over the existing track or take the cars into those doors that we see here?

K. Martinez said...

@MRaymond - The caterpillar cars started going indoor (un-birthday celebration finale) in the Spring of 1984 a year after the New Fantasyland opened. Alice was late a second time coming to Fantasyland when it re-opened. I'm not sure but I think they did extend into those doors (with slight modification) you see behind the Character Foods/FanFood facility.

K. Martinez said...

Actually it looks like the castle extension with the two doors was demolished and rebuilt. Here's an image from Meet the World.

Melissa said...

I thought Toad Hall was named after Dr. Albert Hall.

I would call these at LEAST "Leftokays!" 1 and 2 are particularly nice, and you don't see that perspective in 3 every day.

JG said...

Nice pics today. Great shot of the monorail, why would that one be left out? Yellow is so cheerful.

I don't mind the Skyway rail, adds to the "you are there" ambience.

Kentucky Fried Toads are my favorites.

So, do the doors we see on the Alice pic lead to a "caterpillar storage garage", or did that little wing have another function?


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, leftuggies aren't necessarily "bad", but they aren't usually the best either! Still, I'm glad you enjoyed these.

K. Martinez, I think I agree, although it might be a tossup between it and the Mark II versions. I'd say the Mark V's (that's the "Lear jet" version?) is my least favorite, personally.

Alonzo, "toad jerky" makes me think of when I found a dead toad when I was a kid. I still vividly remember the smell, unfortunately. Urg.

MRaymond, I was going to attempt to answer your question, but I see that Ken Martinez already did!

K. Martinez, thanks for doing the research (or maybe you already knew it). And thanks for that neat link from the "Meet the World" blog, very interesting!

Melissa, you are thinking of Hall's Medicated Cough Drops. It happens all the time. I prefer Smith Brothers because the cherry ones were basically candy.

JG, ha ha, eleven herbs and spices make Kentucky Fried Toad a favorite with families everywhere. Now it is called "KFT" of course. As for your question, we need Ken Martinez again!!

Chuck said...

One of my favorite details of the old Storybook Gardens was Ratty's little boat, bobbing up and down as it was permanently moored to the dock outside his hole. I had fantasies of shrinking myself down and taking that boat for a little trip up the canal. I also had fantasies of dressing up as Ultraman and fighting kaiju in the streets of Tokyo. And once I borrowed my sister's ballet tutu and...but perhaps I've said too much.

JG - I have the same question. I was thinking it might be the entrance to a giant robot control facility, but caterpillar garage seems a little more believable...and boring.

K. Martinez said...

All -

It looks like it was caterpillar vehicle storage. If you look real closely, the bus bar connects to the doors and you can see a caterpillar vehicle inside the open door sitting in the dark in this photo from

A Disneyland insider could probably answer the question if it was actual storage or a small repair shop, but caterpillar vehicles were definitely in there for whatever reason.

Chiana_Chat said...

Alonzo: the jerky at DL Paris isn't escargot?

Caterpillar garage. I like that.

The top pic is a beaut from a wonderful time.

So's the 2nd. Guardrails on the Skyway, that's smart. Seems to me no Skyway and guardrails on the leaf track is more like dysfunction than progress.