Sunday, September 14, 2014

More "Meh" Photos from August 1969

I am STILL going through my lot of August 1969 slides, trying to use up the dross and dreck, leaving behind only sparkling gems! 

This first one shows a lot of stuff (Tom Sawyer Island, the Mark Twain, one of Huck Finn's rafts, the Matterhorn, and so on), though it is all seen poorly. Notice the enormous crowds along the shore, waiting to see the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" attraction!

A canoe glides by, almost completely silently, before vanishing behind the trees.

Cascade Peak's waterfall was a lovely sight; it was fun to pass beneath (in a Mine Train), and fun to scoot past in a canoe (close enough to feel the spray). Rainbow Ridge can just be seen through the foliage.

In the Rivers of America, things are pretty calm, except for where these rocks are… that's where the rapids are! Waves as high as one inch can buffet the side of the Mark Twain or Columbia. Nobody said that Nature was nice!


Nanook said...


"Nobody said that nature was nice!" But how about 'naughty'-??

"Dross" and "dreck". Oh Major - you slay me-!

Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

I can remember "threading the needle" with our canoe as our fearless guide steered our worthy craft directly through the rapids. Ahhh, those were the days when there was real adventure 'round every bend.

K. Martinez said...

The 2nd and 3rd images are nice.

I love the composition and sunlit brownish quality of the canoe image. I can almost hear the oars paddling in the water. The reeds in the foreground add a nice touch. Beautiful.

What a nice unusual angle for the Cascade Peak waterfall. I still miss the sound of crashing water when rounding the bend here on one of the watercraft that ply the Rivers of America.

Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I suppose nature is naughty. Take kids to the zoo, they'll see all kinds of things you weren't expecting.

Chuck, interesting, I guess that explains why there is that clear path between the rocks! I would have never guessed that it was for the canoes.

K. Martinez, yeah, the colors on a lot of these are on the brownish-yellowish-orangey side for some reason (Ektachrome?) leading to some odd-looking images. But sometimes it works, adding an interesting "Instagram" quality. Cascade Peak was such a neat landmark along the river, it stinks that they let it rot away.

Anonymous said...

And this was the opportunity to pass the Mark Twain with the canoe. You gotta believe me when we asked the guests to paddle hard to make that happen...most of the time they voted for the challenge. And they knew we meant it too.