Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rejects - Unrejected! January 1965

I recently found a batch of 35mm slides from 1966. At first I thought that they were all rejects! Many of them had strange areas of blurriness, as if something got on the lens, was cleaned off (for the occasional clear shot), and then the lens was re-smudged. And a lot of them were just too darn underexposed. Like today's! 

I have probably officially rejected about half of the lot, but the other half might make for some interesting posts, anyway. Some of the blurred ones almost look deliberately artsy! But today's clearly fall into the "way too dark" category. If you look really hard at this first one, you can barely see a group of guests near Main Street Station, with a red-caped Tour Guide to our right.

It's such a shame that this one is so dark, because I don't have any other shots of the Columbia from this angle. I guess the photographer was on Tom Sawyer Island as the sailing ship passed by? Just above my watermark is a barely-visible deer.

And this one would probably be a plain old "keeper" if half of it wasn't reduced to mostly blackness. The Indian teepee looks pretty neat with the dramatic lighting, but whatever is in the shadows basically vanishes.

I thought I'd just tell everyone that I have been extra busy recently, and have not been able to spend as much time on GDB as I normally would. This situation could go on for a while, and I hope to keep posting stuff every day.


K. Martinez said...

The second image looks like it was taken from the Disneyland Railroad while the train was traveling along the northwestern shore of Rivers of America, just past where the Hungry Bear Restaurant is today. The deer and the direction the Columbia is headed provides the clues.

Nanook said...


The Indian teepee really is quite nice, in spite of the darkened area. We'll just have to put on our little 'brightening caps' to raise the light level and banish some of the 'crush' in the black areas - as they say in the video biz.

Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

Posting these is actually a pretty good strategy, Major - these dim images will help protect your readers from overexposure and possibly suffering from a serious funburn.

Chiana_Chat said...

Switch the color from natural warm to desaturated or orange and teal and it'd pass for moody cinematography today hehe

Like that tee pee. Thanks for sharing 'em anyway, Maj :)

JG said...

Dark pictures, light mood.

Thanks Major.