Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fantasyland, October 1972

It's back to 1972 we go. Nixon's through in '72! Only he wasn't. Over in Fantasyland, we find my girlfriend (previously seen in a glamorous closeup)

Holy mackerel, look at those early 1970's fashions. Yeesh! I guess the dapper days of the 1950's were truly over.

Here's an oblique view of "It's a Small World" (as seen from the Monorail?); if you look closely you can see the red caboose from the Disneyland RR as it moves on toward Tomorrowland and then through the Grand Canyon Diorama.

NOTE: I am on day two of my six-day vacation, I look forward to reading and responding to your comments when I return!


Melissa said...

It's that fun-lovin' gal from Rainbow Ridge and the Autopia! I know Monstro's too much of a gentleman to bite a lady with such nice posture. But he's thinking about it.

While I was reminiscing, I was sure I had seen that blond lady in the purple pantsuit in a GDB picture from November 1972. I had to go back and check, but it turned out to be a completely different blond lady in a completely different purple pantsuit. Not even the same shade of purple! Or of blond!

At first glance, the picture of the iasw fa├žade looks like some quaint but real Mediterranean village peeking out of the trees on top of a hill. Then, on second look, you see all the whimsical lines and angles. It's a real double-take!

We miss you, Major! We can't find the key to the liquor cabinet!

Nancy said...

I love the 70s....

I love what a surprise the dinos are in the middle of what appears to be a little train ride thru the quaint southern United States....

Tom said...

It's so nice for the major to leave us some pictures to look at even though he's away. So considerate. And such a great era, too... the flower of polyester is well in bloom by now.

Anonymous said...

Ain't technilogy grand! I love how you can set up a whole week of posts to automatically appear.

Major, hope you have a wonderful time off and thanks for all the pics. Today's batch is really splendid. I love the IASW angle.

Best regards.


Major Pepperidge said...

Melissa, I knew that you would remember that gal! Maybe Monstro would just nibble on her earlobe. Jeez, how in the world did you remember that other purple pantsuit?? I barely remember what I did ten minutes ago. IASW does sort of look like a crazy town - one with lots of spires and pointy roofs. I missed you too!

Nancy, it took me a while to be nostalgic for the 70's, but it has finally happened.

Tom, it's almost easier to post every day than it would be to be half-assed about it. For me, anyway! Plus I like to keep the readers happy.

JG, yes, I have sometimes managed to have several weeks' worth of posts all ready to go. That gives me plenty of time to scan lots of slides for upcoming posts, and to start thinking about what I'm going to write. Blogger's system makes it all pretty easy!

Melissa said...

Jeez, how in the world did you remember that other purple pantsuit??

The first purple-pantsuit lady looked a lot like one of my aunts, who had one almost just like it when I was little. I think a lot of my relatives must have had secret double lives, because they keep turning up on your blog.