Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Early WDW Pix

I have come to the realization that this group of early(ish) photos from Walt Disney World is kind of a dud. Not a total loss, but I've got better stuff to share. Time to start posting them in larger groups!

I do like old views of Florida's Autopia, with the vehicles painted to mimic race cars. I want one with flames, please. You might recognize the two boys in the blue car - or maybe you don't. In the distance you can see the part of the elaborate Skyway structure that allowed that attraction to dogleg to the left (or right if you're coming from the other direction) -  an unusual feature I didn't know about until recently, and didn't even know was possible with sky rides.

I've seen other pictures showing cast members waving checkered flags for the guests finishing their rides. 20 minutes of waving a flag vigorously will wear a person out.

"I wish those darn rides weren't in the way, how's a guy supposed to get a clear picture of those clouds?". Not the most dynamic composition in the world; still, there's a few Dumbii, Timothy the cruel whip master, and even the White Rabbit.

Was the Florida Dumbo ride called the "Fantasy Faire"? Isn't that name being used for something else now? Our girl in the yellow t-shirt can be seen in line along with her brothers.

Yo yo yo! Wherever I am, I am sure I am having a wonderful time! There are no Disney parks nearby, but that's OK. I'll talk to you all when I return.


TokyoMagic! said...

Great photo of the Skyway turnabout, Major! The Skyway attraction at Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL also changes direction midway through the ride. They even have warning signs posted informing riders that they will NOT be disembarking at that station.

That Fantasy Faire sign was for a small outdoor theater that sat across from Dumbo and next to the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea attraction.


The Skyway turnabout was not a Disney creation, it was offered by VON ROLL the makers of the Skyway drive and cable systems Disney and other parks used.
Tokyo Disneyland was designed to also have the Cable-direction change but it was discovered that a dangerous cross wind came across Tokyo Bay so the Skyway was built with a short straightaway.

K. Martinez said...

I've been highly enjoying this group of early(ish) photos of Walt Disney World. I've seen no duds yet. To me, the first decade of the Florida property is the best.

Nice Skyway turnabout image. It's so rare to come across those.

I also like the colors of the last image showing Dumbo and Fantasy Faire. The primary colors of blue, red and yellow with some white thrown in. Very nice. In the lower right corner of that same image, is there what appears to be a mother with her two children determining which ticket they will need to ride on Dumbo the Flying Elephant?

Pegleg Pete said...

These are alright, actually. And, as ever, photos from the early years of WDW are much appreciated. Thanks!

Melissa said...

I love the entire set of the Stripe Brothers Family Vacatiion, and I won't hear a word against a single shot! And I agreee, K. Martinez - the first decade or so of the Magic Kingdom was incredible times. Had anything of that nature, scope, and scale ever been pulled off before? And though a lot has changed, so much of that infrastructure, is still there being built on.

At first I thought the first picture was from anotherr day, but I think the brother with glasses must have just gotten hot and changed into a tank top, because the other brother still has his same shirt on. I wonder if the man with the shades and the pretty lady with the big updo and the gorgeous red purse are Mr. and Mrs. Stripe. I don't recognize them from any of the other pictures, but the parents would probably be taking most of them. And lookit Car 30 out ahead of the pack in the second picture! Go, Speed Stripeys; go, Speed Stripeys; go, Speed Stripeys, go-o! It's a much more cluttered, less pleasant view from the Autopia tracks these days.

I only see two sailors in the third picture. If Hollywood has taught me anything, it's that sailors on leave travel in groups of three. Who's going to sing the middle baritone part? Maybe Donald Duck will take pity on them and hang out for the rest of the day.

Imaginerding had a nice piece about the old Fantasy Faire stage a while back:

I'd love for one of the Stripe Brothers, or Linda, or any of the people we've seen recurrently on GDB, to stumble across the site and fill us in on their memories and their life since then.

And if any of the lost negatives from my first trip to WDW in 1983 ever turn up, you're welcome to them if they're of any interest, Major.

Nancy said...

great pictures for me as well. Never saw a view of the Skyway station all by its lonesome. I so miss it :(

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, it took me a while to figure out why the Skyway seemed to be going in several directions. It is pretty interesting that they designed that into the ride, I wish I could have experienced it. Thanks for the info about the Fantasy Faire sign!

Mike Cozart, I regularly check out a Facebook page dedicated to Von Roll skyway-type rides. It's nice to see that there are still some out there, though the closest one to me is probably in San Diego. Interesting that the wind affected the Skyway in Tokyo.

K. Martinez, there are only a few of these left, but I think you'll enjoy some nice ones that will be coming up. Thanks for pointing out the mother and kids checking out the ticket book!!

Pegleg Pete, they're not terrible, but they're not amazing either. But I'm glad you like them!

Melissa, oh how I wish I could have seen WDW back in its heyday. What a place… it really did have an entirely different feel from Disneyland. As a kid, I would look at souvenir guidebooks and dream of seeing the vast size of the castle, the Contemporary Resort, Bay Lake, and so much else. Nope that lady and gentleman are not Mr. & Mrs. Stripe… we've seen Mr. Stripe in the first post to feature this family, while every photo of Mrs. Stripe turned out too blurry to share. Thanks for the link to Imaginerding's post, I really love that blog! And I would DEFINITELY love to see any of your personal photos if you are OK with sharing them. Or just let me see them even if you don't want to share them!!

Nancy, I can only imagine the incredible views guests must have had from the Florida skyway… woweeee.