Tuesday, November 05, 2013

More Instamatics

Hooray for the humble Kodak Instamatic! 

There seems to be an informal parade of characters heading toward the castle. I guess Pinocchio doesn't show up much these days, which is a bummer since he is the star of my favorite animated feature. The blond girl on the left is wearing butterfly pants that look so familiar... maybe my sister had some like that.

Frontierland, back before the crowds and congestion that are ever-present today; I know that uncrowded areas are an anathema to the "sharp pencil boys", but man-oh-man, I loved this land in the pre-Fantasmic era.

Here's kind of an interesting shot taken from the Carrousel; the horses are mostly in silhouette, while brightly-colored Fantasyland passes by. Look closely at the man in the shorts and the pink and blue shirt - awesome.


TokyoMagic! said...

Great view of the pink and pebbled concreted that I miss so much (first pic). And is that half of a hidden Mickey on the right?

Melissa said...

That lady in Frontierland is pointing right at us through the veil of time!

Anonymous said...

To spite the sharp pencil guys, I like the empty look of the park because that's how it would appear if I were the only visitor and had the place all to myself!!

Bill in Denver

K. Martinez said...

Pinocchio's my favorite animated feature too! I miss the days when Disney characters roamed The Happiest Place on Earth.

I think my favorite image today is the silhouetted King Arthur Carrousel against the colorful Fantasyland background. I love the plain and simple railing surrounding the Carrousel. Nowadays it has fancy detailed railing, flowerbeds and hedges around the it.

Love the Instamatics. Thank you, Major.

Tom said...

Melissa, I'm pretty sure that lady is so excited about Frontierland being so vast and un-congested, she's just about to do cartwheels. If we'd had the successive shots we'd know for sure.

K. Martinez said...

TokyoMaqic! Good catch on the hidden Mickey. I wonder if it's still there or has been moved to another area.

Melissa said...

Butterfly pants: They've got a butt and a fly.

I'm sure I'd never notice them if I were seeing him in motion, but captured in a still frame I find the wrinkles in Pinocchio's ankles kind of disturbing.

Nanook said...

I'm afraid 'success breeds success', and the result, at least as far as Adventureland is concerned, has forced a once bucolic "land" to take on the trappings of an over-crowded city. What can you do-? Limit the population-? I suppose so, but as Bill pointed out - the "sharp pencil guys" would only tolerate lighter crowds if the fewer souls could be charged a premium for the privilege of experiencing a turned-back-the-clock land, that was once had "for free".

I'm afraid we're stuck with a plethora of people, who, not unlike ourselves, just want to experience a swell time, free of oppressive crowds, but in the end, must elbow our way through a growing populace.

Here's to the Instamatic days-! (Oh - and butterfly pants-!).

Thanks, Major

Nanook said...

I guess I should have said New Orleans Square/Frontierland, but in the end, I'm not certain it matters. The massive crowds force-together the themes into a giant undefined blob, as opposed to meandering changes that almost take place unnoticed.