Sunday, November 03, 2013

Fantasyland, December 1970

Captain Hook's  pirate ship is looking swell (in spite of the missing sails). I wonder when the ornate arches were added to the perimeter of the Teacups ride? In the center of this photo we can see a lady (back to us) taking a photo...

Here she is aboard the Casey Jr. Circus Train. Hey, did I mention that I finally rode this attraction (for the very first time) back in September? I've taken the tour of Storybook Land from the canal boats many times, but for some reason I never saw the miniature villages from Casey's raised perspective. We were very happy to be able to grab the open-air seats right in front, not knowing that we would be treated to a face full of hot diesel fumes for the entire ride! Live and learn.


K. Martinez said...

From dated photos in the Daveland photo archive, it looks like the ornate arches were added to the perimeter of the Mad Tea Party between Aug. 1968 and Aug. 1969

Refer to "1960’s–1980’s" section from link below.

Maybe another GDB reader can narrow the window even further.

Never cared for the "Wild Animal" cars on the Casey Jr. Circus Train. A little too confining.

Nanook said...

I love the "comes full circle" approach of GDB: Back side Ansel Adams wannabee, [to] trapped in cage with camera, but all the while stylin' in a sparkly blouse. (I'd like to see Ansel Adams attempt that look-!)

Thanks, Major.

Melissa said...

Aw, I love to wind up the weekend with some good, old-fashioned GDB people-watching! I'm gonna go ahead and assume that the red-shirted man with the shades and the catalog-model pose by the Captain Hook's sign is with the blouse lady, since he seems to be in her viewfinder line and it kind of looks like his face next to hers on the train. So, now I get to speculate what third party took these pictures of them!

Since I'm a big old softie at heart, my favorite theory is that it was one of their kids, who went on to get years of enjoyment out of remembering his parents having a great day at Disneyland. Or maybe they’re Jim’s colleagues from the hospital, and Linda is about to do something embarrassing!

@Nanook: You may never have seen this before... there it is: the back side of Ansel Adams!

Debbie V. said...

Thanks for the tip about the diesel fumes :)

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, thanks for the info… I figured the arches had to have been added around that time, but the Daveland photos help to narrow it down. I definitely did not want to get into the Wild Animal cars, but now I know why people ran to the open-air cars further back!

Nanook, I wonder if the real Ansel Adams ever went to Disneyland??

Melissa, yes, I believe you are right about Mr. Red Shirt and Blouse Lady; they apparently went to the park with another couple, who we will see coming up soon.

Debbie V., if I have helped one person to NOT breathe hot diesel fumes, then my work here is done!

Anonymous said...

The best place to ride Casey Jr. is the last seat at the back that faces to the rear. Riding in reverse adds an interesting perspective to the ride.

Anonymous said...

There's no better place to ride Casey Jr. than from the back-facing final car. Best seat ever.

Caspian said...

Casey Junior is one of my all-time favorites. I ride it nearly every time I'm there. It feels like a bit of vintage Disneyland preserved.

The cages were designed for the smaller animals from the fifties. I prefer the open-air seats, especially the very back.