Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New York World's Fair

It's been a little while since we've visited the World's Fair (because I am running out of slides)... so let's go there today!

Over at the Festival of Gas (get a better look at the building here) we can see past the lovely pond (filled with planters of bright flowers) into the "Festival '65" Restaurant. It offered "...regional American dishes, many prepared at the table"

Here's an odd view of the "House of Japan", an annex of the Japan pavilion. I like the mash-up of traditional Japanese architecture with more a modern (almost Bauhaus) style. The "Awa Dance" folk dancers that performed inside were a popular feature of the Fair. 

A rare look inside the Japan pavilion shows a display of Ikebana - Japanese flower arranging. The one on the right looks like a creature from the planet Venus. As if you didn't know! I remember my mom playing around with Ikebana when I was a kid (bonsai too), it must have been a thing.

Night views are always a favorite of mine. This picture of the Mexico pavilion shows how the crowds did not disperse when it got dark. According to the souvenir guide, there was a cocktail lounge with "...south-of-the-border drinks and strolling musicians", but no restaurant. Where am I supposed to get sizzlin' fajitas? 


Nanook said...

"...regional American dishes, many prepared at the table". WOW, so continental-! (I wonder if they do Grilled Cheese Sandwiches table-side-?

Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

I love Bauhaus. I like the simplicity and generic style of the sign on the "House of Japan" building. Nice set today!

dennis said...

Oh no! You're running out of slides!Sure hope you find more.
Levittown, LI, NY

Dean Finder said...

That Festival of Gas Pavilion restaurant was pretty cool, in the way that mid-century fine dining seems so weird compared to today's:
Also, they originally planned to use "air curtains" to hold the A/C in the building