Sunday, March 24, 2013

Damaged Slides, October 1972

I recently found a small lot of slides that were developed by Sears. Sears had great Christmas toy catalogs, but man, their slides stink! They all have varying degrees of damage. Fading, color-shifting, and odd pink/orange "blooms". Still, I figured they were still worth sharing, as long as you can overlook the flaws (I eliminated a lot in Photoshop, but wasn't willing to spend hours repainting certain areas). So here we go!

It is odd to see the Disneyland Band without good old Vesey Walker leading them. But he was sadly gone by 1972; here's a different leader taking the Band through Frontierland, presumably on their way to the Mark Twain.

High above Fantasyland we look down upon the classic Alice in Wonderland attraction. Shrunk down to the size of a hookah-smoking caterpillar, guests start and finish the ride in the outdoor garden full of Mary Blair-inspired plants.

And another view above Fantasyland, with the Carrousel, Teacups, and the Fantasyland Theater (to the right) which is showing "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day". I loved it when the Wonderful World of Disney showed Winnie the Pooh cartoons on TV!

Today's slides were among the most damaged, but we will se more of this lot in the future.


Nanook said...

Faded, or no, seeing aerial images of the King Arthur Carrousel and especially Alice in Wonderland is always a crowd-pleaser. I'm getting high simply trying to follow the circuitous track of the caterpillar ride vehicles. Groovy.

Graffer said...

The Alice picture got me to thinking:

In 1983, the ride's car storage & maintenance area (at the end of the vine) was converted to the 'Merry Unbirthday' scenes. Did they shoehorn in a replacement car storage/ maintenance area somewhere on the ride?

I believe there is a siding next to the load area for a few cars to be pulled off during slow periods, but that was always there.

What about after closing? Are the vehicles moved inside?

Curiouser and curiouser.

Chiana_Chat said...

No need to apologize, Major. Scratch, dent, refurbished and returns are all just as welcome here. Just fix as you feel. Your super color correction is extra effort enough. It is generous of you to share your collection and they're enjoyed. I never miss 'em.

Gosh I remember the Pooh Blustery Day. Blew some cobwebs out there! A charming little short wasn't it?

See and hear a Brass Band. Ride a spacy, snooty caterpillar down a surreal leaf. Gotta love it.

K. Martinez said...

These are great. I like the cream colored caterpillar vehicles and white gravel in the Alice in Wonderland pic. I never noticed that the surface changed from the front load to the entrance tunnel. The Storybook Land Lighthouse just makes it the pic.

Any images which includes Welch's Grape Juice Bar in it is cool with me. And there's the Anaheim Convention Center off in the distance of the third pic.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I always like seeing the Alice ride from the outside, whether from above or from ground level.

Graffer, you have some great questions, none of which I know the answers to! Maybe somebody else can chime in.

Chiana, I have a DVD with all of the original Pooh short films compiled on it, I think I will need to give it a watch when I have some time.

K. Martinez, I'll bet the cream-colored caterpillar vehicle is actually bright yellow or green, but the faded nature of these slides has changed it. I wonder why the ground texture changes as you pointed out?

Chuck said...

"Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day" won the Oscar for Best Cartoon Short Subject in 1968. I saw that film for the first time in Disneyland in 1971 and came home with the Disneyland storybook record and a Mickey-ear-shaped balloon.

The record has some great voice work, but with the exception of Sterling Holloway, all of the voice actors are different from the film. The musical arrangements are different as well. Lots of familiar voices, although Robie Lester is the only one I can pick out. Glad I still have this in my collection, although the balloon didn't survive the visit to Uncle Marion's.

Chuck said...

Also - separate comment - is it just me, or does the Convention Cenmter look a bit like Noah's Ark in the distance in the third picture?

David said...

Man, those orange outfits are horrible, like walking traffic cones. Who thought orange looked good in those days?

Major Pepperidge said...

Chuck, I always thought that the convention center looked like a spaceship, but I can see the resemblance to a ship! Interesting about the differences between the Winnie the Pooh short and the record.

David, I think the outfits are actually a vivid red, but the damaged film makes them look orange. And I like orange - but I agree that as band uniforms it is an awful color.

Nancy said...

I dont remember seeing those canopies off to the sides of the Carousel before....a handy place to hide from the hot sun ;-)

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