Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jungle Cruise, 1959

Over the years, the plants at the world-famous Jungle Cruise have grown so lush and tall that the illusion of venturing into a dense rain forest is pretty convincing. In this first photo from 1959, the jungle has not quite reached that point! 

The skipper told people to take one last look at civilization, and that boy is following instructions. What if he misses school? Who will feed his turtle? In only he had a real switchblade on him, instead of a switchblade comb. Nice knowing you, kid.

I submit this photo for "The Most Boring Photo In The World".


Nancy said...

Always enjoy the Jungle Cruise, tho cant help but wonder exactly what that last photo was a picture of!!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate this holiday :-)

Chuck said...

Nancy - Happy Easter to you, too!

That third photo is of the Nautilus, hull number 301, on its maiden voyage. The subs were completed before the rest of the attraction was ready, so the plan was to test each one on the Jungle Cruise waterway prior to being moved to the lagoon in Tomorrowland.

The initial concept was for the subs to completely submerge (as shown in this photo), but difficulties with resurfacing scuttled that plan. After modifications removing the ballast tanks, the Nautilus was tested again three weeks later, with number 302, the Seawolf, ready to be launched and tested immediately afterwards.

Ultimately, difficulties with negotiating the tight turns in the Jungle Cruise coupled with an unfortunate overreaction by the operating CM in the hippo pool led to the discontinuation of further testing on the Jungle Cruise as well as the removal of both the forward and aft torpedo rooms.

Tom said...

I love photos of the jungle cruise before the jungle really took hold, back when you could actually see the sky. I think it took more effort from the skippers to convince their guests they really were traveling down the congo and the mekong.

Is that Gary Busey looking back at the dock?

K. Martinez said...

I wouldn't say it's "The Most Boring Photo In The World". It just needs a fruit salad on top of the dock post to spice it up a little.

Anonymous said...

That last picture is the view across from the loading dock. ---Former JC skipper.

Matterhorn1959 said...

What I find interesting is that the Jungle Cruise launch has a Nationalist China flag on it.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nancy, Happy Easter to you too!

Chuck, now that photo is much more interesting!

Tom, that kid doesn't look crazy enough to be Gary Busey.

K. Martinez, even a fruit salad would help, but it would still be pretty boring!

Former JC skipper, do you have any idea when they removed that little shack?

Matterhorn1959, it is pretty odd that of all the countries that could be represented, it is Nationalist China - in other words, commies! Good catch on that one.

Chuck said...

Major - actually, nationalist China is Taiwan. They don't like commies AT ALL.